Whatever happened to the band White Town (Remember “Your Woman”)?

When I was in high school (eons ago), I was into 90’s indie rock and wanted to augment my humble collection of has-beens/ one-hit-wonders. White Town always left a great impression on me, even though I only knew that one song (Your Woman). If you know the song and you are a woman of integrity, than you can understand how relate-able this song can be.

Courtesy of Jyoti Mishra's website
Courtesy of Jyoti Mishra’s website

Based on hearing the song, first hand, one can easily deduce it’s about being in a bad relationship and realizing, towards the end, that you can walk away. However, after a semi-comprehensive Google search, Jyoti Mishra, the sole band member behind White Town, asserted that the song has strong political overtones that won’t mesh well with many Americans.

Nonetheless, I still take the song at face value and prefer to think of it as a song about a strong woman who doesn’t take trash from a bad spouse. I wish there were more songs out there about strong women, but, instead, we have songs by women like Rhianna who sing songs about getting attention for wearing less—and less.

Mishra updates his band’s website regularly, much to my surprise. As of now, he’s had 5 albums released under an indie label in the UK. He regularly tours parts of Europe with an attractive posse of dashing Euro-pals, and hob nobs in places like Paris in his free time. I found his personal blog here and noticed a stark dichotomy between his personal website and his band (of himself) website.

His grammar is quite splendid on his personal website but on White Town’s official website, it takes a strong nosedive to the gutter. Sentences are happily fragmented, periods are haphazardly placed, and thoughts seem a bit nonlinear to my liking. Since he’s free of fame, I guess he can do what he pleases now!

In addition, when I first got into the band in my heyday, I immaturely assumed the band was full of British (think Richard Ashcroft or Liam Gallagher) hotties with shaggy black hair, a killer smile, and gallons of swag. Google instantly destroyed my childhood fantasy and also, simultaneously, confounded me.

I didn’t know that there were desi indie rock artists in the 90’s! I always knew Tony Kanal rocked No Doubt, Kim Thuyil played guitar for Sound Garden and Dave Bakshi did “something” for Sum 41, but didn’t know that there was more? From what I can synthesize, from his personal and public website, the reason he named his band “White Town” was because he didn’t know where to fit in. He fought against bullying for parts of his life.

Mishra (aside from having a terrible divorce that has semi-permanently shattered his heart to scrupulous pieces) is living a happy life in obscurity. He didn’t like being famous and opted for living out his days as a one-hit-wonder.  Oh well!

Introspective Thoughts of the Week

  • Enjoyed my stay in Roswell, New Mexico and did see strong correlation between the show “Roswell” and the location.
  • Santa fe opened up my eyes to Navajo jewelry! I totally love anything with turquoise now.
  • I started and finished “Interpreter of Maladies” by Jhumpa Lahiri and can easily see why she won the Nobel Prize for this book. Her imagery, metaphors, and details are overwrought with raw emotion.
  • I am 1/4 done with “Love in the Time of Cholera” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and I can’t really see how he won the Nobel Prize for this book. Details are not very organized, and the timeline jumps a bit. The relationship between Fermina and and Florentino is heavily contrived, and stringed together with weak emotional connections. Though I am not a fan of Marquez’s writing style, I will finish this book since I started it.
  • There were so many great bands in the 90’s that it’s hard to find time to listen to everything they put out. White Town should be very lucky they made it into my cherished music list.

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