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Luke’s Wings: Annual Hollywood Glamour Live

In Charities, Fashion on March 5, 2015 at 11:48 pm

Fashion week 2015 339 Late February, I had this wonderful opportunity to support Luke’s Wings, a non profit organization dedicated to the support of service members who have been wounded in battle, by attending the Annual Hollywood Glamour Live event held at the exclusive L2 Lounge in Georgetown.

Fashion week 2015 359

What most people should know about Luke’s Wings is that this organization goes above and beyond. They recognise the immediate need for families to be with loved ones and provide families with the means to visit during the service member’s hospitalization and rehabilitation. Check out Luke’s Wing’s website  to see how you can helped wounded heroes and veterans.

Anyway, the weather was quite dreadful that day but my uber driver fought the ice roads and brought my friends and I infront of this exclusive club, that only shown two milky colored doors, and a bouncer. No sign in sight, I might add.

Fashion week 2015 351

Half the people at the event looked like Hollywood stars. They were all decked in suits, glittery dresses with plunged backlines, drinking some Hollywood-themed martini while watching the Academy Award show on multiple projector screens. Fashion week 2015 356

As soon as my friend and I walked in we both witnessed an amazing moment in history. Patricia Arquette won an award for Boyhood and told the world her thoughts on women’s equality. All eyes were glued to the screen and a rumble of cheers vibrated across the room. I was upset that Ethan Hawke lost (yet again) but Arquette’s speech made up for it, ten fold.

Fashion week 2015 313

What I loved most about this event was that there was an actual red carpet for everyone to stand and take pictures on.  My friends and I struck multiple poses and even had a few professional photographers snap shots of our impromptu modeling session. Another facet that I love about this event was that Art Soiree, one of my favorite organizations, was a big part of the festivities.

Part of the proceeds benefits Art Soiree’s local artists and helps funds and showcases 100s of annual exhibitions. As an ardent art lover, I was happy that my ticket (along with everyone elses) supports the arts. Check out Art Soiree’s website to see how you can support the arts.


D.C Fashion Week 2015: International Flare & Beyond!

In Fashion, The Arts, Women on March 5, 2015 at 3:55 am

Fashion week 2015 103 D.C Fashion week was a memorable experience for me. I started the festivities by networking at Dirty Martini Bar in Dupont. From there I met the ceo of Meta Cartel, and was instantly plunged into the world of streetwear starting with his Victorian styled hats that come in three different versions. Readers, friends, and frenemies, tune in for an exclusive interview with this gifted entrepreneur who is still an Econ student at University of Maryland College Park.

The pains of being a South Asian hobbit...

The pains of being a South Asian hobbit…

Aside from interacting with upcoming designers, I was partially entertained by a red haired creature who claimed to be an entertainer of some sort. I guess from all the schmoozing, moving around, and flash-photography, it was easy for me to be entertained by silly children.

Fashion week 2015 138

The next day, my adorable friend and I went to the International Haute & Modesty Show held at the Washington Architectural Foundation.

Fashion week 2015 116 The one designer who captivated my heart that day was Dian Pelangi. Pelangi is an Indonesian Fashion designer that is internationally famous for her jackets. In fact, before D.C Fashion week,she held a show for New York Mercedes Benz Fashion week this year. It takes 3+ months for her to weave each jacket, let alone, hand design the whole thing. From where I sat, her jackets sparkled and radiated a magical verve. Tune into Best of Baltimore Blog and Best of Washington D.C Online for exclusives on this event.

The models worked the runway hard and did an impressive job. DC Fashion week 2015 was memorable.

The models worked the runway hard and did an impressive job. DC Fashion week 2015 was memorable.

Saturday I was snowed in so I was unable to go the show highlighting fashionable accessories and jewelry but I was able to brave the weather for Sunday’s show. Carnegie Library was bursting with D.C’s most fashionable and most influential bloggers, socialites, and influencers. I was humbled to be in the audience.

I am hoping that after you watch the slide show I made you may feel at least 1/10 of the emotions I had at Sunday’s show.That show moved me to actual tears. I was, literally, crying. I couldn’t stop. The outfits were incredibly beautiful. Designers from New york, Poland, Africa and Asia wove beautiful raiments that D.C royalty would wear. In many ways, Sunday’s show rivals shows held in New York Mercedes Benz Fashion week.

I made a friend at the show!

I made a friend at the show!

Each designer present had magical fingers or something because the garments they designed were too remarkable for me to even write up. I will highlight the following designers you should pay extra attention too in the near future: Corjor International, Leighel Desiree, Irena Levkovych (internationally famous Polish designer), and Sera Vero Nik. 

Fashion week 2015 169

Ean Williams, the creator behind D.C Fashion week,  knows how to throw a beautiful fashion show. D.C is internationally famous for its fashion and this is all thanks to Williams tireless efforts, ingenuity, and intelligence.Fashion week 2015 206

As I said before, tune into Best of Baltimore Blog & Best of Washington D.C Online Magazine for a richer, more refined review comprised of slideshows, videos, and exclusive interviews from the greats behind this fantastical show.

Fashion week 2015 264

Art Soiree: Jessica Jackson’s Work of Art

In The Arts, Women on March 5, 2015 at 1:04 am

Art Soiree smartly combines eclectic art with the D.C party scene. Imagine walking into the Ritz Carlton in Georgetown, and being ambushed with hypnotic Trip-Hop. No, nobody is swaying about in the dance floor but, also imagine the mis en scene:  Paintings mixed with silk, sharpie ink, and road maps; a bustling bar area with  d.c’s finest draped in lush overcoats and freshly permed hairdos, golden walls, and a chill atmosphere spreading like wildfire. Some may call this a typical night in Georgetown.

Jessica Jackson by her lovely painting bursting with oblong shapes and embedded with maps of VA

Jessica Jackson by her lovely painting bursting with oblong shapes and embedded with maps of VA

Art Soiree typically features novel artists every Friday night and welcomes patrons of the arts to look, imbibe on a colorful array of vino, and to network with other art lovers. What makes these gatherings unique is that the decor gives off a chill party vibe, and the event, itself, melds class with style without being stuffy. Jessica Jackson, a D.C area native and a lover of traveling, burgers and the arts, was spotlighted February 27 for her imaginative usage of mixed media. Jackson is able to compose a multifaceted work of art using oil, acrylic, silk and anything else lying in her room.  I do not kid when I say her work takes observers on a three level adventure. For instance, take a look at the painting you see below this text. IMG_5954 When a patron looks at it up close, they may see a hodge-podge of  circles, stars, spheres, and cavernous shapes that seem to drop and swirl with no reason. When that same patron walks afar, and narrows one’s eyes upon the same painting, they will also be able to see a swirl of maroon unfurl into a sinuous path, tinted with a halo-like glow indescribable to the patron but mesmerizing all the same. If you want to sample what this patron (moi) witnessed check out this trip-hop influenced slideshow I made for Best of Washington D.C’s Online Magazine.

Jackson has been passionate about the arts all her life. Her work is heavily influenced from her childhood. As a young girl, she has traveled the world due to her father and mother’s international professions. Much of that influence can be seen in one of her paintings which embodies green, blue and light yellow hues. Jackson has said that if you stare at it closely you will see a beautiful African sculpture swirling about in life, itself.

FullSizeRender (2) What I personally like about her work, and the artist itself, is that there is a transcendental spark. Jackson is a affable, unique, and personable artist. Those same charms can be gleaned in much of her work, and, overall, makes her masterpieces all the more promising. It takes a true artist to be able to put their own humble characteristics into their works of art. Love what you see? Visit: www.JessicaJoyJackson!


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