Student Newsroom Food Interviews at LABS@LightCity


On April 21, 2018, contributing writer, Emma Hagedoorn, shares her experience in working as an anchor and journalist for Food Lab of Labs@LightCity at the IMET Columbus Center. The Student Newsroom is sponsored by local news WJZ-13 CBS Baltimore and part of Light City, a FREE festival of LED light displays, music, and innovation by Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts in Baltimore City, Maryland

My name is Emma Hagedoorn, and I am a sophomore at Loyola University Maryland. I am the news editor of Loyola’s student news source, The Greyhound, which is where I heard of this opportunity to work with the Labs@LightCity. The main editor of our University Paper, Nick Cirone, had attended some of the labs, and encouraged me to attend. And I am very happy he did! It was such a cool experience to be a part of this festival. As someone who is not a native to Maryland, and this only being my second year to even see the Light City Festival, it was amazing to see a whole new aspect. I had no idea they did different labs, and being able to interview and listen to different speakers was a great opportunity.

Emma interviewing Christian De Paco and Chef Melanie Molinaro in the Green screen of the Student Newsroom.

I worked on the last day, which was the Food Lab, and as a lover of food myself, this was a perfect day for me. I liked how it was not only chef’s speaking or showing how to cook meals, but other speakers who shared their experiences in Baltimore and with different themes of food in relation to the city and life in general. I felt like a real professional when I walked in and got a photo pass by Pixilated and how I was able to take speakers up to chat with me on camera in front of a green screen.

Emma’s Photo Pass by Pixilated.

I had the chance to interview some cool people, who all did different things. My first interview was with two women who spoke about The End of the Boys Club. Both Allison Robicelli and Therese Nelson were such beautiful individuals inside and out and I really enjoyed their panel discussion, along with Alison Price Becker and Rachel Waynberg. They had some great things to say within our student interview about being the change in Baltimore and elsewhere, as well as great advice for college students.

Emma between speakers Allison Robicelli and Therese Nelson.

I was also able to interview Devin Johns who is the Social Engagement Manager at Broad Street Ministry in Philadelphia. She also had a great personality and it was great to be a part of her first time in Baltimore.

Devin Jones and Emma.

I was finally able to interview the owners of Stall 11 in Baltimore, which serves vegan and vegetarian options. Chef Melanie Molinaro along with Christian De Paco spoke at the Food Labs. Molinaro showed everyone how to make vegan mac n cheese. They were both so open about their restaurant and the city of Baltimore.

Overall, I learned a lot from this experience. I was able to get real time interviewing individuals as well as being on camera. I felt the rush of an event and coming up with questions on the spot and trying to find the speaker before they left. I also get experience on camera and learned some skills about where to stand and how to interview on camera. I would suggest doing this to anyone who is interested in any aspect of communications. I hope to be back next year for more labs!

Emma with speaker Chyno.

Food Lab of Labs@LightCity was presented by Visit Baltimore with Wegmans as supporting sponsor. Other members of the Student Newsroom are Nick Cirone, Cache Jackson, Jessi Kim, Naomi Peppers, and Saran Tarawaley.