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Evil Eye Peacock Feathers

In Advice, FML on March 3, 2010 at 3:23 am

I dare you to stare at this picture for a whole 30 seconds. After doing that, doesn’t it feel like a million eyes are staring at you?

If not then maybe there is something wrong with you because every time I sneak a quick glance at  one of those feathers, I get chills down my tail bone.

If you type up peacock feathers in http://www.Google.com you will get results for them being extremely bad luck.  Even though some superstitions sound hokey, I kno this one is true.

Ever since the start of January, peacock feathers were adorned at one of my jobs and whenever I was alone at night, I felt  anonymous death stares yet no one was around.

Peacock feathers are apparently bad luck if you have them around your house. It’s true because I witnessed negative events happen everytime those feathers lurked in January through late February.

One acquantance of mine even had peacock feathers in her car today and alas, she lost her  car keys forever afterwards.

The eyes on the feathers represents the “Evil Eye” in different cultures and it  can also be interpreted as the devil’s look. Whatever the case may be, I am not a huge fan of them because of personal diatribes I suffered from their silent presence.

I guess the best way to scare “Sherryn” away is to wave a peacock feather to her face?


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