The Dark Side Bar in D.C: An Intergalactic Drink Adventure


February 11, 2018 I had this exclusive invite by MER events to check out the Dark Side Bar (816 H Street, Northeast, D.C) at Mythology Lounge. This Pop-UP bar was open during this time in honor of the new  Star Wars Film “Last Jedi” that came out around then. Admission costs usually run at $33 but MER events had a special discount. The best discount imaginable– they made this exclusive event FREE!

The Dark side bar enticed all sorts of folks ranging from Sci Fi fans, D.C wonks, brunch addicts, and the usual barflys you see around a nice Sunday afternoon. As an ardent lover of all things Star Wars this event was my personal highlight for my Birthday weekend. I decided to wear a silky pink Anne Taylor shirt and black slacks. I invited some of my close guy pals for this once in a lifetime opportunity. We all drove in one car and had some minor traffic issues.

The great thing about going to an event on a Sunday is ample and free street parking.

Picture Courtesy of Eric Linderman 

In celebration of the new Star Wars movie, there was DJ ripping top 40 hits, 90s classics, and some intergalactic beats that had the crowd bobbing heads.  Last Jedi themed shots and drinks quenched thirsts. Patrons enjoyed six themed cocktails from different parts of the galaxy such as: Red Force, Blue Force, The Imperial, The Dark Side, The Galaxy, and The Mindtrick.

Drink preparations done by only the galaxy’s best bartenders  flared up everyone’s Instagram pages.  Because it was my birthday, I was given a complimentary Red Force drink prepared much like a drink prepared at Barmini.

The bartender mixed a few liquors, shook the ingredients in a silver canister, and lit the drink on fire! Smoke erupted from my glass and enveloped into a smog only reminiscent of the good times Darth Vader may have shared with some Storm Trooper he tried to choke hold.

Picture Courtesy of Eric Linderman 

Many of my friends joked that this party rivals Jubba the Hut’s own parties! Burlesque dancers dressed from head-to toe swayed, dance, and even pulled in some EDM inspired moves. Attendees had a ball dancing with the burlesque dancers and even had opportunities for unique photo moments. The entertainment was truly out of this world.

Picture courtesy of Eric Linderman 

This event had an exhaustive menu with galaxy inspired brunch and dinner items.  In addition to fine bites to eat, several patrons took this opportunity to pull out their Awesome Con outfits from last year to wear for this party.

Picture Courtesy of Eric Linderman 

This temporary Pop-Up Bar installation is meant to look like a bar inside the Death Star. As soon as attendees walked in, not only do they chuckle at a “Whose your Daddy” poster of Darth Vader but are welcomed to a lit, red neon sign that evokes both a dark and saturnine vibe only the dark side could bring. A storm trooper that also serves as a security guard stands on guard at the front.

Darth Vader makes his usual rounds and seems to also be a selfie addict. He would surprise attendees by making an unexpected appearance in group pictures and he also challenged a few attendees to a fight over the empire.

A death star disco ball twirled and sparkled atop the ceiling. There was red and black light jutting from the sides of the bar, and Star Wars themed posters taped on different parts of the bar. My personal favorite decor was around the bathroom. A cement replica block of Han Solo made a popular appearance.

Overall, this event by MER Events was my favorite thing about my birthday weekend! This experience was beyond my imagination and definitely satiated the young kid in me.

A major thanks to MER Events and Mer Wacco for inviting ‘Sharing the Details’ to this event. 

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