Memorable events– Throwback to Giant Hollywood Graveyard Jam! Check them out!


October 2017, I had the privilege to party at’s Giant Hollywood Graveyard Jam with some of my close friends. The Halloween shindig was located at Blackfinn Ameripub and, surprisingly, there were spots in between for parking. I dressed up as a femme fatale Darth Vader (Star Wars: Force Awakening was coming out in a few months, and I was beyond hyped up) and my friend was dressed as a character from the CW’s “Supernatural”.

I’ve always wanted to do a event for several years now but never had the chance until recently. This is the premier website for professionals in d.c to try adventure sports out (helicopter lesson, anyone?), to visit an Embassy event, and to take dance lessons if you have two left feet (like me). The turnout was immense for this party and people danced so much that the party was partly taken outdoors.

JK edits 1
Taken by Cesar Guzman 

The venue was spacious yet intimate. Attendees were able to mingle and roam around without having their white russians spilling to the ground. There was a burst of creativity in the air–because half the crowd wore costumes you wouldn’t normally see at your local Party City. Aside from the typical Jesus Christ, pimp, and Harley Quinn costume, I was amused to see a Toy Story collective costume, the black power ranger, and the KFC character with his wife.

A family reunion

The Hollywood graveyard jam had great songs that were a mash up of 90s and today’s pop spun by a really good DJ. As soon as Montell Jordan’s “This is how we do it” played, the crowds started dancing like the 90s were about to start back again. I was also able to meet Greg, the guru behind D.C’s premier social and networking organization.

Greg is very down to earth and sweet! He personally welcomed me and my friends to the event and that has prompted me to want to attend a succession of his events in the near future.

I had a ball watching the costume contest in its entirety. IMG-5989

There were three rounds with the costume contest. Since much of the crowd was full of older millenials and a few Gen Xers, winners from each round were based on nostalgia and drunk claps from the crowd. The Edward Scissorhand costume wowed the audience the most.I remember before the contest when groups of guests asked ‘Edward’ for both a picture and a selfie because–who doesn’t love Johnny Depp? He made the character memorable, after all.

I wasn’t surprised that this costume won first place. The 90s seriously made a comeback that night and I loved it! The Toy Story collective rounded up second place and I was overjoyed. That’s one of my all time favorite Pixar movies and I really liked how this group made each costume, from scratch and worked diligently to move up the ranks of this competitive costume. The Tina and Ike costume was a classic–nuff said.

If you ever want to explore the city, make a friend, and truly have fun in D.C, please check out here.

Also scroll down to check out their February events.


Things To Do DC is the premier social and networking organization for young professionals.

With an active membership of over 175,000 local young professionals, Things To Do® (TTD) produces original events that enrich your social and cultural experiences while enabling you to meet other young professionals in a friendly environment.The primary goal is to help enrich the personal and professional lives of professionals of all ages. We accomplish this by producing a wide variety of interactive social, educational, and cultural events that encourage our members to learn new Things To Do in DC and meet new people.

Things To Do DC February Events 2018

French Ambassador Residence: La Soiree Champagne— February 6, 2018

Ballroom Dance Lessons and Party– February 9, 2018

Helicopter Flying Lessons for Beginners–February 10, 2018

Valentines Scavenger Hunt, Great Race and Challenge–February 11, 2018

Embassy Row Valentines Chocolate Tour—February 14, 2018

Evening at the Residence of the Ambassador From Denmark—February 15, 2018

President Lincoln Assassination Walking Tour—February 21, 2018

Evening at the Embassy of Bahrain with new ambassador—February 23, 2018

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