Pavel Berky: Fashion Forward with a twist of Comfort at New York Fashion Week!


For my birthday awhile back, I had this amazing opportunity to sit front row at Pavel Berky’s NYFW debut  in February 2017.  Pavel Berky is a famous Slovak designer, who graduated from the University of arts & architecture in Prague and recently focused his brand to London, UK.

The show was exclusively held at Distilled NY on West Broadway and select media was invited  to cover this premier. I opted out of taking a mega bus for this trip and endured a not so grueling 3 hour drive a few days before this show. Since it was my birthday weekend, I chose to stay at the Wyndham hotel.

IMG_5880 (1)

On the day of the show, I decided to wear my lacy, white, patterned Adriana Pappel dress paired with vintage earrings and a vintage leather coat that hugged the dress. I decided to take a cab to the event since I didn’t want to deal with street parking in New York City–of all places! The weather was pretty cold but despite that, attendees wore the cutest, skin tight dresses that exposed enough skin for Summer time.

I had the opportunity to mingle with bloggers, magazine editors, burgeoning stylists, and photographers at this hot event.  The venue was intimate but vast enough to have a full view of the show. The architecture was intricate, ornate, with a mash-up of old style Europe with a modern touch. The chandeliers sparkled whenever a model strutted down the runway, I think the venue added a touch of magic to an overall scintillating show.

Notable figures were seated in the front.

This experience was a bit unique since I noticed a shift in the Fashion networking circles. Instead of sharing a business card, more designers and writers offer to follow each other on Instagram. If both parties vibe well enough a few months after the event, then direct messaging will take place. When I first started hitting up the New York Fashion Week scene, business cards were the way to go but I guess the surge in I-phone usage has changed customs of the past.

Anyways, the show started promptly after everyone was seated.  Models had either their hair slicked back, coiffed into a thick side style, or wore an asymmetrical hat that truly primed an attendees focus on their eyes. I was impressed with the powerful smoky eye makeup used for several of the female models since that evoked a serious presentation of the garments Pavel created.

Black is a major NYC color to wear and Pavel harnessed his imagination to produce an eclectic variety of dresses, suits, and fur-trimmed jackets.

Berky experimented with various fabrics such as leather, silk, fur, cotton with plaid prints, latex, and used bold browns, reds, and greens to make black hued ensembles pop with a lively impression.

As someone who likes to dress both for comfort and to be fashion forward, I can definitely see myself wearing some of these dresses to a gala, a cocktail party, at a new bar or just to walk around Georgetown.  Berky created ensembles for the every day person who values expression and work day ensemble balance.

Another personal favorite from his line were the long, drape-y coats that had faux-fur lined on the sleeves and unto the neckline. I wanted to wear them, sip some hot cocoa from a hot new cafe in Chelsea, and bask in the glow of the city lights.

The show felt long since I was clearly enamored with much of his new line but, in reality, it was a 30 minute show.  Despite the time limit, I did have ample time to meet the designer himself and to meet these amazing models who kicked the show up a notch. If you ever come up to New York City around February or September, try to catch a Pavel Berky show. I assure you, you will be left wanting to wear what he has created.

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