Politico Playbook Holiday Party: A Fun n’ Fancy Affair


Last Thursday, I had an exclusive invite to the Political Playbook Holiday Party sponsored by the National Restaurant Association in Washington D.C. I was lucky enough to find a parking garage right across from the location that only charged $5 for the rest of the evening (2100 M St. NW, Washington, DC, 20037).

This was a business casual affair so I donned on a gray striped Calvin Klein dress and paired that with Kate Spade patterned stalkings and Italian leather boots. As soon as I walked through the doors, I was floored by the arrangements. There were several tables laid out with high-end finger foods, a dessert table intricately lined with an eclectic array of desserts, wait staff serving mini beef wellingtons, and a kitschy photo corner where guests wore Christmas and New Years props for goofy pictures.

Pictures courtesy of Jessi Kim

Not only was I pleased with the complimentary coat check (an uncommon thing in D.C) but the food made my taste buds go wild. For the savory side, guests sampled maple and ale glazed ham, beef rosette on pumpkin risotto cake, gravlax, cashew chicken, individual corn souffles, upside down wild mushroom tart, tomato & basil french toast, mini thrice baked potato provencal, brie with cranberry compote, and artichoke dip with pita rusks.  I paired this meal with delicious cognac courtesy of Hennessy! There were too many liquors and craft beers to choose from but for this holiday meal, I only wanted the best liquor in my book.

Pictures courtesy of Jessi Kim

For the sweet side, guests savored delicately designed sugar cookies, petite fours full of gingerbread, raspberry mousse squares, chocolate mice, bon bons, italian custards, and various other desserts that have European-centric roots.  There was a coffee and tea stand adjacent to the dessert section. Although I have a well known sweet tooth, I had to pair my chocolate mice with rich, creamy, coffee.

In between snacking, I mingled with journalists from Politico, The Washington Post, CNN, Hill staffers, and the World Bank. So this party is where journalists and top-notch communication professionals hob nob during the holidays. I also saw White House staffers, the FCC, and other notables mingle, drink, and be merry with the rest of the darkly clad D.C. folk. Wearing black is not always a New York thing, it’s definitely a D.C fashion statement for professionals.

Conversation was ripe, and of the times. Again, I won’t spill but am happy to confess that the banter I heard between so many different parties is worth retweets, Facebook likes, and emoji-based replies.

A parting gift from the evening was a cozy, red, politico handbook winter hat and a complimentary picture from the photo booth. My friend and I dressed as a magician and a rabbit. We had fun concocting silly poses within a 5-6 second time frame for each shot.

This was definitely a classy affair catered to the D.C communications crowd. As many know, Communications professionals are ardent food and fine liquor lovers, so, naturally, this holiday party is the right touch to conclude the year with.

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