How to Throw a Fancy French Party

Caramel Princess and her court of admirers..
Caramel Princess and her royal court..

When I think of Fall, I think of sugar cookies, hayrides, and small dinner parties. If any of you reading this post, assumed or thought I forgot to mention pumpkin spice than you must really take a good look at yourself in the mirror. I am not basic so there will no mentions over pumpkin spice blech-drinks.

Anyway, since it was Fall I wanted to welcome the season in without skimping on style. Naturally, a party would be great since it livens up spirits and brings my favorite people together.

Party Collage 1
If you cut up fruit, and arrange it into a colorful, melange that can definitely entice the crowd to eat more healthy.

When I throw a shin-dig, I like to infuse style, decadence, and a smidge of class to the overall milleu; however, I didn’t want to spend crazy cash to achieve this light-hearted dream. So what’s a girl to do? She’s suppose to be as creative as possible.

I charted my territory and made a short voyage to the Dollar store, Michaels, and Safeway.

At the Dollar Store, I picked up fake plastic champagne glasses, fancy trays, white votive candles, black table cloth/utensils and glass vases. These are items that can be quite costly at other stores but are always a dollar or less at your neighborhood Dollar Store.

I later drove to Michaels for more party decorations. What some people don’t realize is that Michaels ALWAYS has clearance and marked off party decorations every week. So I bought miniature bottles of glitter, Parisian photo boxes, wall decorations, party masks, and beyond for only a fraction of the cost.

IMG_7490 (1)
Michaels always has fancy photo boxes on sale for $1.00 plus the wall paper decorations was only pennies on the dollar. Fancy, huh!

After I got my decorations in order, I went to my neighbor hood Safeway for some delicious finger food without spending much money at all, really. I bought red roses, black cherry soda in fancy glass bottles, spring water, exotic fruits like pomegranates and papayas, plus comfort food like macaroni and mashed potatoes. Safeway slayed in sales. I was able to be the purveyor of elegant treats for my pals without murdering my wallet.

I was able to get decorations, and food at a super cheap price. The last thing I had to get, for cheap, was a super cute ensemble.

party collage 2
Fried chicken always oozes class and elegance at any party–especially my own!

I bought this adorable hot pink dress (The Limited) from Goodwill and a chunky statement necklace from Walmart. The grand total for food, decorations, and my ensemble was less than $50.00. I knew that if I went to Party City, Whole Foods, and Nordstroms, my grand total for everything would’ve gone over $300 and that would’ve have been a crying shame. One can create beautiful, opulent, memories on a budget, fyi.

My pretty, French-infused, party went without a hitch. Although there was a noisy, messy, rainstorm in my area that didn’t stop people from coming. I was also rendered speechless, when my friends brought an eclectic variety of white wines, fried chicken, and pizza with them. It was so kind and unexpected of them to do this.

The party was a great success. We all played card games, took photo opps with the masks, and had a rousing game of taboo and charades. All in all, we welcomed Fall in without going cray-cray over the random-ish weather.

Have you thrown a quaint, Fall party on a budget? Or better yet, do you have any tips or steps that you think will help others? Comment below! 

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