Kinda Obsessed With Stereophonics: And Other Updates…

Selfie at Yellowstone National Park!

Miss me? Well I miss myself too (kidding). Per usual, I had some unique adventures along the way but, alas, not enough time to type them up. So hopefully these inconsequential updates  indulge your voyeuristic cravings.

Stereophonics: Keep the Village Alive

My obsessive love for this band started in 2013, when I trekked all the way over to Roswell, New Mexico. Their highly lauded hit, “Maybe, Tomorrow” catapulted them into my heart–forever. Ever since then, I’ve been listening to them, non-stop, on Spotify and on Pandora. So when their newest album, Keep the Village Alive, came out, I knew this whole album was going to be played on repeat for the month of September. I think, at this point, I can recite every word to “I wanna get lost with you” as of right now. If anyone wants to know whatever happened to Sherryn last month, now you know.

Hannibal Buress

Pandora must be psychic or something because they recommended him to me after I listened to a hell’uva lot of Aziz Ansari. I really like his penguin skits (Hannibal desires fresh penguin meat) and even his views on the afterlife crack me up. His Live from Chicago album is the best by the way. I know after listening to his standup thrice over, I had to watch The Eric Andre Show AND Why with Hannibal Buress on Hulu plus. The Eric Andre Show is mentally disturbing, although, Hannibal mitigates that with his dosage of witty remarks. His own show, Why with Hannibal Buress, was HIL-ARIOUS for the first few episodes, but sadly tapered off with some bland skits. Nevertheless, he’s still a swell guy to me.

Kraft Makes Southwest Chipotle Mayo

Growing up, I was always that strange (but precocious) kid who  would add Italian spices or random seasonings to my mayo. I personally believed my sandwiches deserved much more than what I had in my pantry. I  also always dreamed that Giant or Safeway would carry a line of mayo with varied flavors ranging from lemon garlic to my personal favorite, Southwest chipotle. I was caught off-guard at my local dollar store when I found this bottle of Southwest Chipotle Mayo. Best day of my entire life! I, like, bought a lifetime supply just in case my dreams get dashed again.

Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

Oh snap! The book club I am a part of chose the book I wanted to read. I’m not sure if this is fate or some kind of divine intervention but I am just extremely stoked to read this book next month: And to start some ridic conversations.

Have you read Modern Romance? Or do you heart Stereophonics? Whatever the case may be, feel free to comment below.

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