My Lovely Valentines Day Weekend

Dancing & Romancing at the Italian Embassy in D.C.
Dancing & Romancing at the Italian Embassy in D.C.

Valentines day is the quintessential day for dancing, romancing, and all other “cing” ending verbs taking place. For me, the mise en scene of the weekend was the barrage of flowers, chocolates, and surprises I had that made the holiday all the more lovely.

Valentines Day 2 Last Thursday my bf executed a successful Valentines day weekend that only a professional could do. For starters, he surprised me with a colorful bouquet of roses, a hodge-podge of Ghiradelli chocolates, an iridescent Swarovski crystal heart necklace, and fluffy beanie babies. Of course, these were precursors for the next day but I did feel like a real caramel princess thanks to his princely efforts.

The following day, my bf took me on a grandiose tour around Reading Terminal Market located in the heart of Philadelphia; There we savored warm, award-winning donuts from Beiler’s Amish Market, rich but sweet coffee and a rose-infused cupcake from Flying Monkey Cafe, a delectable cheesesteak from Carmen’s Famous Hoagies & Cheesteaks, and chocolate mice from Sweet as Fudge Candy Shoppe. So I was stuffed with rich food befitted for royalty—or, more like, U.S royalty since I highly doubt Duchess Kate Middleton would eat with common folk after all.

Valentines Day 3 After traversing around Reading, we braved the 10 degree below 0 weather and changed for our next excursion. Which was dining in a cruise around Philly! Spirit cruises had this resplendent Valentines day cruise complete with an open buffet, crab cake appetizers with an edible flower, sparkling champagne, a dance area oozing with 90’s R&B and a single red rose. Looking over the moving waters, being immersed in the city lights above the water, and being immersed into the convivial dance scene yielded an almost perfect night.


Almost. No fault to the bf or to the cruise line but we were seated to Philly’s most ratchet couple. Every 10 minutes this woman decked in arm, neck, and leg tattoos kept bumping and spilling food all over my bf. This would’ve been forgivable if she lowered her tone of voice and refrained from landing F-bombs any chance she had. Her right-hand man was no different. I heard a lot of colorful jokes that night that left a visceral print in my gut.

This was the first and last time I was grateful to Chris Brown, because as soon as one of his slow jams came on, this unwieldy couple drunkenly scooched on over and danced the night away. After one glass of champagne, and noshing on a plate full of chocolate cover strawberries, I forgave this couple.

Valentines Day 1

The next day, my bf surprised me with an excursion to Italy. Kidding, kinda. We went to a black tie Valentines day bash at the Italian Embassy in Washington D.C. In a way, we were technically in Italy. As soon as we got ready, on caramel princess time that is, a downpour of snow blanketed the streets in a Queen B mean girl kinda way. Oh, I was beyond vexed at mother nature that day. How inconsiderate of her to snow on our lovey-dovey-gooey-ooey-kitschy-cute day.

My bf took my Honda Civic since it had better traction for this weather and we drove at a slow speed. The below zero weather, the large flakes of snow, and the unending traffic was only background noise to our hopes of having a vibrant Valentines day. We were worried we’d be kicked out for either coming too late or for my bf’s shoe choice, which were black tennis shoes.


Lo and behold, after 2-3 hours on the road, a needed pit stop to Dominos, and after I wrangled a 6 ft fallen tree branch out of the nooks and crannies of my car, we made it to the Embassy. Slightly deflated car tires, bone-chilling weather, and time did not stop us from having a memorable night. The Italian embassy event was draped in well-dressed D.C denizens such as diplomats and ambassadors, home baked Italian cannolis and cookies, all you can drink champagne and red wine, an overflowing chocolate fondue fountain, and a dazzling dance floor. What struck me the most was the art decked on each corner of the wall. Oil paintings from eons ago that still make a lasting impression to any art lover, especially myself.

IMG_5635 What perfected an otherwise perfect night was seeing good friends who saved us a spot on a sinuously,long,queue, for overpriced pictures—which we never received in the mail, even though we paid $65.00 for them– and  having a long laugh over this lovely Valentines Day weekend.

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