My Cultural Weekend: Kraftwerk, Deepak Chopra, and Moroccan Food

Kraftwerk at the 9:30 Club

Updates, what I need to work on. Most bloggers post a cohesive entry once a week as a way to gain traction with readers but i’ve been taking the natural approach for years. Which is to blog whenever I feel like it. Not sure if it’s working out for me but at least my readers know that before anything is said, it’s all done au naturale.

Anyways, I’m grateful for my liberal arts education because it taught me to be open-minded. To love to learn–ANYTHING.

Coincidentally, in order to be cultured, you must be on a lifelong pursuit to learn–EVERYTHING. In fact, I wrote a comprehensive self-help guide for anyone who wants to be more cultured right here. 

I take those aforementioned steps to heart and am trying to be more cultured in my reading, eating, and learning habits.  By happenstance, I was awarded a lofty amount of time and I melded it into a beautiful work of art–not literally but mentally, yes.

Last weekend, I meticulously crafted my weekend in a way so I could pursue the arts. On Friday I saw world famous German Electronica band Kraftwerk at the 9:30 club. Albeit, the first half of the show was a chore since I couldn’t see past this woman’s expansive figure. It was a 3-D show and me, being vertically challenged, made it a cumbersome experience. By stroke of luck, these fatigued babyboomers absconded from their stairway spot and I ran past giants, hipsters, and aging Gen-Xers for the only chance I had to have a panoramic view of the show.

The woman with the expansive figure, who dripped of moldy beer, and who wore a sneer, eyed me with painful daggers  for taking what she thought was hers. I, on the other hand, smiled back since it was because of her expansive figure that I missed the first half of the snow.  I may be little, but I know my rights. The right to seeing Kraftwerk, in full view, was a right I justly claimed. Now, that was Friday night.

Saturday, I woke up extra early and drove over to my nearest Barnes and Noble. Cultured folks read different types of books and I picked works from different genres. I read, in completion, Posh Pocket’s 100 Greatest Poems, and Deepak Chopra’s Creating Affluence: A to Z Steps to a Richer Life, and some of Jean Paul Sartre beliefs on Existentialism.  After this exhaustive by rewarding time, I picked up my friend Matt and we met up with other friends for Swing Dancing lessons in Glen Echo. After the lessons, I can conclude that I have two-left feet but I am not a quitter. I will try to do better next time.

Pasha land touched up

Sunday was a robust day. I met up with my friend Sion at the Sugarloaf Craft Festival. We were impressed with several artists renditions of a beautiful landscape and ate an unending amount of grand marnier truffles. I’m picky with jewelry and did not see anything that really caught my eye but I did learn alot about art, food, and Southern culture that day. We  later ended our day at Pasha Land in the Kentlands. We sat on luxurios pillows, drank fine Moroccan mint tea, and joked around with Ahmed, the owner. He’s easy going, happy, and confident. Not only was the owner, and staff exemplary but the food was spectacular.

moroccan food

We ordered the Walima Feast which is comprised of 2 soups, garden salad, chicken bastilla, chicken with lemon and olives, lamb with raisins and almonds, Moroccan mint tea, and baklava. The lentil soup I had was hearty, smooth with the right touch of color. The Moroccan mint tea tasted like perfection. If you are into sweet n’ savory, take a bite of the chicken bastilla since it’s cooked just right. My favorite dish, ofcourse, was the lamb. It was moist, tender and had a succulent appeal to it. The raisins tasted like taste-explosions in my mouth and the almonds counteracted that experience by providing me with a nuttier aftertaste.  This is the best Moroccan restaurant I have ever been to and it’s also the best one in the D.C/Maryland and Virginia area. Check them out!

Pasha Land

644 Center Point Way,

Gaithersburg, MD

Food, music, books, dance, and art. I may know a little more than before but I hope to open myself more to newer experiences. In order to be cultural, I must be persistent, after all.


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