Why Veronica Mars Should Keep Piz & Reject Logan


I know I am going to get ALOT of flack for this article but I don’t really care. A year back, I watched “Veronica Mars” in its entirety and thought the show was witty, honest, and funny. It really resonates with you due to the accurate social commentary, character portrayals, and hilarity that often ensued between Veronica (played by Kristin Bell) and the bad guys.

Veronica had several boyfriends on the show but the most popular one she had was Logan Echolls (played by Jason Dohring). They hated each other initially but later loved each other. Logan was a stereotypical rich kid while Veronica was friendless since she lost her social standing due to the ongoing investigation behind her best friend Lily Kane’s murder. She became a social pariah who was picked on, endlessly, but fought back as a detective working part-time in her father’s agency.

What I loved most about the show was Veronica’s character. She didn’t let adversity bog her down and fought to find out the truth about her best friend’s murder. She also worked hard in school and made genuine friendships that lasted. I was also a never fan of any of her boyfriends until she dated Stosh Piznarski (played by Chris Lowell) by third season. Before Piz, Veronica was attracted to annoying guys who seemed to only care about themselves and Piz was the first guy I really liked for her.


Piz may be socially awkward, and strange at times, but he’s honest, steady, compassionate AND smart. He’s also very attractive too and much more successful than Logan Echolls. Logan may have money, but he’s so selfish, emotionally unstable, dishonest and he’s not an intellectual equal to Veronica. Plus Piz is also WAY more attractive then Logan and I am surprised no one online states the obvious.

I understand the chemistry that Veronica and Logan may have but imagine if they got married. It would be the most volatile marriage since Logan is way past changing and Veronica is well on her way into being a successful lawyer.  A successful marriage consists of open communication, respect, and honesty and that’s not something Logan is capable of. I can see him being a great fling for Veronica but nothing more, nothing less.


Even Kristen Bells ascertains this concept and says that women should date men like Piz and not like Logan since he’s a bad boy who will only bring hardships and pain down the road. I also noticed most fans of LoVe are young girls who don’t have relationship experience or are very sheltered from life. I’m sorry ladies but do you really want to have a string of painful divorces in your life? Or one stable marriage/ partnership that will bring you wondrous memories?

Since this movie was funded through Kickstarter, I know Veronica will break up with Piz and end up with Logan since that’s what most fans want. That’s why they paid thousands of dollars for this project! I respect that but my opinion will not change, ever.


2 thoughts on “Why Veronica Mars Should Keep Piz & Reject Logan

  1. Im not necessarily disagreeing with you but Veronica was no better than Logan as far as the emotional instability, the lack of communication and honesty and the selfishness. In fact, she has just as bad if not worse than Logan at those things. She expected him to be 100% honest with her but never gave him the same courtesy in return.

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