Fall 2013: ‘Shaking My Head’ Moments (Plus Russell Peters is JEALOUS of Aziz Ansari)

Found this while I was driving to to B-more.. SPOOKY!
Found this while I was driving to to B-more.. SPOOKY!

So October has been a cumbersome month for me. It was so cumbersome that I wasn’t able to blog my usual entries on Mondays and had to skip over to Thursdays (or never at all). I hope you all deem me forgivable for my continual negligence to indulge you all with my hum-drum life.


Though I have been inconsistent with my prattling, my eyes have been widened by random acts of huh-moments. In particular, while I was driving up to West Baltimore for a scrumptious meal at Stella Notte —I’m always on the lookout to avoid the waitress with the Kate Gosselin haircut—I saw this ominous license plate. Albeit, there are only four 6’s, but wouldn’t it spook you if you were stuck in traffic with this car? Come on! It’s creep-tastic!

Doesn't he look like Willy Wonka? And NO, this was not taken during Halloween weekend!
Doesn’t he look like Willy Wonka? And NO, this was not taken during Halloween weekend!

I get that Halloween weekend past, and, like, a million girls dressed up as Miley Cyrus (it’s not so original if everyone else is doing it) but I saw this random stranger at the metro in a Willy Wonka outfit (in September). I respect fashion being  a way to express individuality but if you are going to copy Willy Wonka, then you might as well wear a big, purple, top hat, and start poking fun at children across the street like a maniac then.

Every Indie concert I ever go to, men always wear plaid? WHY?  Are you going to sheer some sheep afterwards?
Every Indie concert I ever go to, men always wear plaid? WHY? Are you going to sheer some sheep afterwards?

Plaid is ugly. Why do men wear it so fervently at indie rock shows? It doesn’t make them look hip, but, literally, more like a square (since plaid is nothing but a queue of predictable squares. I was at a Dodo’s show at the Black Cat a few months back and was clearly abhorred by the quantity of hipsters wearing them to these mellow shows. I was shaking my head after each song since I didn’t understand the appeal behind wearing cheap cotton on a cool fall night in the D.C of all places.

Russel Peters was JEALOUS of Aziz Ansari
Russel Peters was (Or still is?)  JEALOUS of Aziz Ansari

Since both Russell Peters and Aziz Ansari tour the D.C area like thrice a year, I consider this a “Shaking My Head” moment for the D.C area.Russell Peters, as you probably didn’t know, has a really funny special on Netflix that I highly recommend you watch-AS OF NOW! Aziz Ansari is following suit with Peters and will have his special premier on Netflix November 1 called Buried Alive. This amazing Netflix combination is not my Shaking Head Moment but Peter’s jealous of Ansari is what makes me head ache with shakes.

I, like Aziz Ansari, love to Google information on my favorite celebrities. After I watched Peters comedy special, I wanted to know what he’s been up to since then. After sifting through a couple Google finds, I found like 4-5 articles on Russell Peters spewing vitriol against Aziz Ansari. Peters emotionally whines about Aziz being rude and about how he, himself, is: Not Famous in the United States—unlike Aziz.

Aziz Ansari never commented or even gave Peters any attention via the press, or in social media. I mean, yes, he joked that there could only be one Indian comedian and that he may need to fight Peters to the death but Ansari was clearly joking. Nothing personal Peters. Ansari mastered the American audience since he doesn’t focus on race but on his own personal trials and tribulations. To an American audience, it appeals to everyone and even unifies a diverse crowd.

Peters may make more bank than Ansari, but Ansari has ten-times more clout in the United States. This little guy packs a comedic punch that’s inimitable to most of his peers.  Instead of shoring up drama why not share the comedic wealth and be besties–FOR REALZ!Peters, I give you mad props for having a photo opp with Ansari but why not do a special together? Eat at some pretentious NYC restaurant (Aziz loves to make food babies and probably salivates for #foodporn) or even teach him how to defend himself.  Peters is an expert boxer, fyi.

I’m crossing fingers that both parties can break bread one day but who knows. What do you think of the Peters vs. Ansari (Yeah, Aziz doesn’t care) rivalry?

Introspective Thoughts For The Week

  • I am going to write a feature article for www. Crashdown.com about my first trip to Roswell, New Mexico and how it compares or contrasts with the cult WB show “Roswell?”
  • I interviewed Carl Payne (From “The Cosby Show” and “Martin”) on his role in the VH1 Biopic on TLC’s life.
  • I am addicted to Otterbein’s Chocolate Chip cookies. They are the best cookies I ever had in my entire life! It’s a Baltimore brand and can be found in any Maryland Giant store.
  • Pete Yorn, Stereophonic, Metric, and Keane are playing non-stop on my I-phone. Though I heart my indie music, I refuse to wear nasty plaid threads to an indie show: YUCK!
  • “Smoke Signals” is an amazing movie on Native American Reservation life. It’s a classic disguised in an indie package but it’s packed with memorable moments, and humorous one-liners.






4 thoughts on “Fall 2013: ‘Shaking My Head’ Moments (Plus Russell Peters is JEALOUS of Aziz Ansari)

  1. I recently found out about Aziz. I’ve known Peters since his old days on youtube (you should probably check those out if thought his new stuff was good, because those were his best performance). So obviously I’m a Russell Peters fan. And I wanted to know if these two guys are friends or not, both being Indians and all. And I find out they aren’t.

    As you point out Aziz is popular in the US and Peters is not. But Peters is more famous worldwide than Aziz. As Peters targets wide range of race and culture he’s able to gain that fame. But he isn’t as mainstream as Aziz in the US. I think that’s what bothers Peters. He may not be mainstream but he can sell out anytime including the US. He’s like soccer in the US.

    As for who’s better, they’re both different. It’s hard to compare. Although Peters has been on the decline. He has been doing the same stuff for awhile now. Lets see how long Aziz goes with the same stuff.

    1. I like your metaphor on Peter’s meteoric success (being compared to soccer). I understand that both comedians target different groups but Aziz is able to create humor that resonates to anyone growing up in the U.S—minus the race banter. Peters may be a funny go but I think what Aziz is doing will stick for the long haul.

    2. They all have their bad run with comedy …..Aziz did Live in New York “Madison Square Garden” and it really fell flat . Just a bad run or timing was off because the audience was not really getting into it . Maybe it did better in other venues ?

      I cant wait to see his new material ….Aziz is funny but they all have their not so good . Critics lie and I don’t know why they just don’t tell them the truth .

      I seen Russell Peter’s show in Chicago this year and it is funny . The show did great it was a large venue . His timing was perfect on the jokes it was a good night for him .

  2. I just found this sight and thought it was really funny . I don’t think Peter’s Nor Aziz really cares about who is the best Indian comic . Its was joke …..Russell Peters is worldwide known and 2nd highest paid comedian . Aziz is going to do fine also now he is getting back in standup comedy . By the way Aziz does use race in his jokes. Being a huge fan you would know that .( I got hit with a bit of the Tar Brush), Race is ok if you don’t just pick on one race you knock them all . That is what most comedians do . If you cant laugh at yourself …..you are taking yourself to serious .

    Long haul ? They both been doing standup comedy for ages . I seen Aziz live back in 2009 …..I have seen Peter’s live back in 2009 ………..They both made for the long haul 🙂

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