Travis at Lincoln Theatre: Multi-Colored Charm

Travis at Lincoln Theatre Sept. 20 in Washington D.C
Travis at Lincoln Theatre Sept. 20 in Washington D.C

It’s been 4 years since Travis graced the Washington D.C area. I guess these blokes were too busy making children and paying mortgages to come by these parts more frequently.

Travis’s newest album, Where you Stand, came out in August and is much softer than their previous albums 12 Memories and The Boy with Now Name. But it is a pretty decent album with a few memorable singles such as “Where you stand” and “Warning Signs.”

Fran Healy, lead singer of Travis, belting out melodic UK hits.

After seeing this show last night, I was under the strongest impression that the band missed the 9:30 club venue since their sound system was wonky, the venue’s lighting was bad (Fran didn’t get his own spotlight when he came close to the audience), and the venue, itself, wasn’t intimate enough for him to meet-and-greet his fans–which is what he usually did at his previous shows.

The lads made the most of their predicament and provided fans with an epic light show pregnant with red, blue, pink, and green hues; That, coupled with their Scottish charm, made this concert experience much more enjoyable to most patrons.

My friend Vanessa and I doing an awkward (quirky?) selfie!
My friend Vanessa and I doing an awkward (quirky?) selfie!

Travis played most of my favorites that night! Here’s some of their track list:

  • Good Feeling
  • Side
  • Why does it always rain on me
  • WRITING TO REACH YOU (That song inspired
  • Sing
  • Closer
  • Re-Offender

Based on the band’s recent performance, I can tell the boys put in 110% effort behind this show but a part of me is reminiscent of their previous shows in 2008 and earlier. I missed Fran and Dougie’s antics, such as dressing up as boxers from the “Rocky” movie, or when Andy hangs upside down the 9:30 club balcony. I guess when you get older, antics start to fade away and even songs are sung to a forgotten tune.

In the band’s heyday, they used to belt out powerful songs with strong lyrics but, now, songs are sung to a lighter beat. I wish the Fountain of Youth exists because I miss the old Travis.

Alero has tasty chicken tacos
Alero has sorta-tasty chicken tacos

Before the show, my close friend Vanessa and I ate tacos and nachos at Alero, which is located by the U street metro. The food  and the service was okay, I expected more from a high-end Latin restaurant.  I will admit, though, that the  ambience was hip and trendy, and that, alone, made up for the food experience.

Dulce de Leche crepe at DC Scoop Crepes
Dulce de Leche crepe at DC Scoop Crepes

Right after the show,  we decided to stop by DC Scoop Crepes. The food was great since the crepes were sweet and delectable. It was definitely an added bonus to get a free scoop (or two) of ice cream with our crepes. If you are on a budget but want to eat something sweet on U Street, I highly recommend this place. Plus, you can buy Grashoff Belgian Chocolate sauces at this location too!

Introspective Thoughts of the Week

  • Should I go to the National Book fair this weekend? Hmmmm
  • Rock the Bells next weekend! OH YEAH
  • Half way done with “The Black Swan” but not a fan of some of the technical jargon Taleb is throwing my way
  • Looking forward to a new season of “Scandal”–wonder how Fitz and Olivia will get out of their recent situation?
  • I need to check out Rahama Restaurant off U-Street soon! Food from Ghana–YES!

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