Alfonso Ribeiro: Are you really Carlton Banks?

carlton 2
Alfonso Ribeiro at Bowie Baysocks game

To say I had an eventful weekend would be an understatement. I had a wonderful weekend that deserves to be heralded by everyone in the blog-osphere. Thursday night, I waited for 45 minutes at a Bowie Baysocks game to meet Carlton Banks aka Alfonso Ribeiro aka he is not dead.

Dear Internet, I know many of you think he has perished for some unknown reason, but you are wrong, he’s still alive. At least since last Thursday? Carlton (I know Carlton Banks is not real but he will always be Carlton  to me) wore a goofy grin and exuded real vigor that day.  He happily signed autographs and took pictures with balding, aging men in Carlton-esque outfits : a polo shirt, khaki’s, and a nice sweater loosely tied behind ones back.

I was visibly nervous since i’ve been performing “The Carlton”  at all my friend’s social functions. It’s like I danced him into reality or something? When I met him, he gave me a genuine grin, shook my hand and was more than happy to get a picture with me, as you see above. I was so nervous that I almost forgot my Black Power Ranger jacket (made famous when it was last seen on Comedy’s Central’s The Ben Show) but he promptly reminded me to take it with me. How nice!

Q: Alfonso Ribeiro, are you really Carlton Banks?

A: It’s not unusual to… (breaks out in dance)..

DC Restaurant week at Rasika
DC Restaurant week at Rasika West End

For the tail end of D.C restaurant week, I had a scrumptious meal at Rasika West End with fellow gourmands.  We feasted on an Indian style Thanksgiving by sharing plates, drinks and desserts. I had the  lamb sindh curry cooked with robust spices sans anything that would scorch my tongue, lamb kebobs as an appetizer (kind of boring but not bad), and  hot gulab jamin with cold vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Service was so good that my friend Andrew (who helped me plan my blog party the following day) was given an extra drink, for free. The Rasika drink was divine. It tasted so fresh, almost like biting into a ripe piece of fruit. I give this restaurant two thumbs up for this wonderful experience!

sherryn blog 1The day after, I threw a low key 300K Blog hits rooftop party at Casa De la Andrew N.  Two days before I commenced festivities, Robert L. Hines aka Toby Jones from Jones Big Ass Truck and Rental Storage Facilities, congratulated the website on its momentous success. That phone call made my day since I find Robert to be a hilarious comedian teeming with raw, vibrant talent.

Best sausage fest I ever went to. Maybe it's the only one I ever went to?
Best sausage fest I ever went to. Maybe it’s the only one I ever went to?

This year’s blog party featured an array of sausages.  If your mind was in the gutter then you are wrong, it’s not that kind of sausage fest. Many of my guests brought chorizo, andouille, sweet, spicy, brautwurst and kielbesa sausages.  Since many of my friends are bon vivants, they decided to pair their meaty creations with fine ales and unique wines. The korean sweet and spicy sauce was heavily used on several sausages, as well as sauerkraut, mustard and raw onions, as a way to refine our meat smorgasbord.

Although many of my friends have a refined palate, I wanted to challenge them to unique treats from my local H-Mart. Guests tried melon Milky candies, Mangosteen flavored Kagusai gummies, aloe drink, tamarind candies and sugar cane soda.  The tamarind candy left a burning sensation for some but a singular experience for others.

If you can find all 4 rats, e-mail me at for a free prize!
If you can find all 4 rats, e-mail me at for a prize

Since my name is Miss Quirky, the name gives it away that I like to be unique and this also rings true for throwing parties. I like to throw unique parties.  A Hawaiin themed sausage fest is not singular enough for me, in fact, I threw in a few plastic rats to really outdo myself this year. My friends played around with one fake rat while the other is jammed painfully into my Elmo head cake. One friend joke that Elmo has permanent brain damage due to the rat eating its brain away.

I can honestly forecast, based on my past interactions with D.C denizens, that most wouldn’t be amused with my creative ploy in adding menacing rats to this party. But I do know that people who live away from Washington D.C, would get the humor and may even quote Willard (Famous Movie about a lonely man and his legions of rat friends).

I’m so glad that my friends have a sense of humor, one of them even hid the “rat eating Elmo’s brains” in the crevice of this one grill. We’re all crossing fingers that someone screams bloody murder and faints on top of their pricy LongChamp Purse or on their tacky neon running shoes.

After we ran out of sausages to chomp on, we played a homemade rendition of Hollywood Game Night, ate Elmo’s face then played an interactive dance video game at Andrew’s place.  All in all, it was a fun night!

Robert L. Hines as Batman
Robert L. Hines as Batman

Introspective Thoughts For The Week

  • Missed seeing Silver Spring’s Subject to Change perform at Velvet Lounge this weekend due to overeating. I hope to catch their next show in mid September.
  • Just finished reading The Namesake, and Jeffrey Gittomer’s Little Red Book on Sales. Now, unto reading The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb and Freakonomics by Steve Levitt and Stephen Dubner.
  • Learned how to cook a brautwurst sausage by pan frying! I am crossing fingers that what I just made and consumed won’t kill me in the near future.
  • Germany knows how to make create electro- pop. I’m starting to like 70’s hit sensation Kraftwerk and can see how they influenced David Bowie and other 80’s wonders.
  • If you want to keep the weight off, avoid foods with aspartame, MSG, and anything that says Fat Free on it.  I learned this plus other tidbits from the documentary Hungry For Change.

5 thoughts on “Alfonso Ribeiro: Are you really Carlton Banks?

  1. First of all, I am jealous that you have met Carlton, but I am happy for you, too, since you such a huge fan of the Fresh Prince! 😀 And it’s funny, because I have been going crazy for the past two weeks since I heard that Aspertame is in nearly everything that should help you lose weight, it is also in gum and a very aggressive form of it is in Splenda, which was tested on rats in Italy and they got leukemia … Shocker, huh?? I had to order me organic gum, and started using stevia again, and funny thing: I have been experiencing headaches and eye pain for the past weeks, all gone now. Aspertame is the worst thing on earth. That’s all! LoL As usual great article!

    1. I’m avoiding fake sugars too! That and MSG are definitely conducive to cancer growth. I guess organic is the way to go since so many foods have msg, aspartame, high fructose corn syrup and other misc. chemicals that do more bodily harm than good.

      Simon, would you be interested in doing a guest entry on my website? Since you are a movie expert, can you do a review on 10 best South Asian, English Speaking Films? Movies like “Bend it like Beckham” or “Harold and Kumar” are what I am referring too! We can link the first half of the article back to your website, where the rest can be read? I figure that can help you grow your audience and let my audience know that they can come to you for movie reviews. What do you think?

      1. Oh yeah, for sure, I’d love to! How do we do that? Would I just post it like every other post and let you know when it’s done?
        Thanks for giving me such a great feedback and help, I really appreciate that! 😀

        Yes, I agree with all the additives that aren’t even needed. You know back in Germany I don’t even know of putting sugar in bread. Over here I read High Fructose Corn Syrup in almost every sandwich bread… And I start to understand why so many people with very little money have more health issues. The cheaper the food the more chemicals they mix in it… Damn shame!…

      2. You can post it on your website, and I can copy paste half of it on my website! The rest, the readers will click on a link that will direct them back to your website. I will also add a blurb about what your website is about too! When you write this entry, double check for simple grammatical errors. This happens to me from time to time… I like to write in the heat of the moment 🙂

        There aren’t alot of articles on popular South Asian American films so I figure that could bring in a lot of hits?

        When it pertains to additives, you’re very spot on when it comes to mysterious sugars found in most American foods. Salad dressing, ketchup and even most breads have harmful sugars that do bodily damage in the long haul. Most prominent grocery stores are not located in urban areas so healthier food is out of reach. Education is power, and yet, several powerful institutions don’t teach about injurious chemicals found in most foods. Do you live in the U.S?

      3. Yes I moved here last year from Germany and have been going to college ever since. My my partner lives here,too. But luckily we could apply for my permanent residency and I will be able to work in my profession pretty soon. If I have the urge to eat pastries or candy I usually go to Big Lots and get me items I know from Germany. Aldi’s has actually many things imported from Germany, too. And I noticed that the light yoghurt there doesn’t contain aspertame.

        Oh yes, I know what you mean, I tend to have errors sometimes especially when it comes to commas. Sometimes I add too many because I am so excited. 😀 Like you said: In the heat of the moment.

        Yes, I looked for South Asian Movies, not many articles out there. Great idea. I start working on it tomorrow, or probably tonight because I can’t stop thinking about it. 😀

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