Gin Blossoms (Other Forgotten 90’s Bands) Making a Lukewarm Comeback

Taken at Gin Blossom concert at Wolf Trap
Taken at Wolf Trap

Remember in the 90’s when going to a Sugar Ray, Gin Blossoms and Smash Mouth concert would cost an arm and a leg? If you waited patiently, and crossed your fingers that none of these band members overdosed on heroin in the last 20 years, than you would be able to see all three, plus Vertical Horizon and Fastball, for a low fee.

The Under the Sun  tour tickets only cost $28-100 bucks. What a steal!

Each band was smart enough to only pay their greatest hits since no one really cares about their new stuff. This is funny to note but  before this concert, I didn’t even know that the Gin Blossoms were a prolific band. Apparently, they are famous for the following hits—that are in a continuous loop on D.C 101.

Gin Blossoms Greatest Hits

  • Hey Jealousy
  • Follow You Down
  • Found Out About You
  • Miss Disarray
  • Lost Horizons

I guess I’m a fan of theirs now since I really like Follow You Down and Found Out About You. Aside from Gin Blossoms putting on a spectacular show, Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath was besotted with the sign-language woman, performing adjacent to the band. His hugs, kisses and sweetened words caught her and the rest of the audience by surprise. My goodness, Mark is charming.

In addition to McGrath having a thing for hand play, Smash Mouth played oldies but goodies! In fact, I saw some graying baby boomers rock out hard, until they misplaced a hip?

Vertical Horizon tugged at my heart strings a bit since they played Best I Ever Had in a melodious but real way. Lastly, Fastball was never one of my favorites but it’s important to note that it was the only band on the lineup that was ever nominated for a Grammy.

My favorite Mr. Bean meme
My favorite Mr. Bean meme

Wolf Trap, as a whole,  was teeming with Gen Xers, baby boomers and millenials. It’s a good thing I left halfway through Smash Mouth to fight imminent traffic. During the walk up to the car I was getting hungry, so I stopped by 7-11 to get a slurpee. Much to my surprise, I found fake hostess snacks branded by 7-11. I didn’t know what to think except that I hope Mark Mcgrath eats a fake 7-11 twinkie while he hits on the elderly.

Introspective Thoughts of the Week

  • Half way done with The Namesake, and just started reading Little Red Book of Selling by Jeffrey Gitomer.  Sometimes, it’s okay to mix business with pleasure.
  • If you have a Netflix account, I highly recommend you watch Orange is the New Black and Freaks and Geeks. You learn a lot about fitting in by watching both those shows, simultaneously.
  • Rita’s crepes in Bethesda is my new addiction! I think I am going to eat there once a week. Best crepes in the DMV!
  • If you are down route 40, take a pit stop at Shaheen Restaurant (Catonsville)  for a mango lassi and some rasmalai! Yum!
  • Did you know that Sisqo lives in Baltimore? Wonder if he and Biz Markie will ever tour together? The Friendless Thong Tour 2013?

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