Travis (Band): How I got them to perform in Washington D.C for 2013

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Travis is my favorite band of all time. These playful Scots beat Das Racist, Wu Tang Clan and any contender for my heart. I mean, how can you compare them as less to any band out there? If it wasn’t for Travis, there would be no Coldplay or Keane. I guess you know where I stand with this band. Ironically enough, the band’s newest album is titled Where You Stand and it’s coming out August 19. You can pre-order it here.

Although I am excited about Travis’s newest album, I was initially disheartened when I learned about there recent tour dates. The band safely bypassed the DMV (D.C/Maryland/Virginia) by just having a show in New York City. I didn’t understand why Travis wanted to avoid the Washington D.C area this year? Washington D.C, as well as New York City, is a diverse, energetic city full of colorful souls.

In retrospect, when their last album, Ode to J. Smith,  was released in 2008, I bought 4 tickets for that show and was crossing fingers that I would meet the band. I gathered a coterie of easy going friends to that wonderful show and had a memorable time. At the show,  I remembered when Fran Healy, lead singer of Travis, ambled around the crowd and gave these chubby blond girls a high five. Though I can’t be described as chubby or blond, I decided to extend my hand to see what would happen. Fran turned away from me and tried eschew my FAN-advances.

My face fell, but I did not give up hope. I extended my hand further since I was not a quitter. Fran’s piercing blue eyes shot death rays at me and he reluctantly gave me a “low five”. I didn’t understand where Fran’s reluctance was coming from since go-getters in the U.S get to be rewarded for pulling in 110% ? I don’t know what I did wrong, but I quickly forgave the situation since Fran’s voice heralds my dreams.

Writing to Reach you, as you should know, inspired the creation of this website.  Whenever I needed to be lulled into a happy trance, I knew there was only one band that I could always turn to: Travis.

It’s 2013 and I,obviously, knew Travis has a new album coming out. The band took their sweet time (5 years) to create  tracks such as  Another Guy, and Moving,an infectious tune, for this remarkable album. Above all, I double checked their tour dates and was heart broken when they finalized their tour dates on their Facebook page today.

To be random, even though the band only has 387,000 Facebook likes, I highly doubted that they have less then one million fans. A multitude of  Facebook fanatics forget to like quality bands and like musicians like Rhianna or Ke$ha. Facebook popularity doesn’t always mean quality.

Now, back to my rant: on Travis’s Facebook page, hundreds of people were furious with the band. Why did Travis bypass so many amazing cities, countries and continents? They even skipped over Scotland, the land that birthed these fine lads.

Out of hundreds of Facebook comments posted that day, i’m sure  my comment seared an indelible hole in their hearts.

Why are you guys skipping Washington D.C this year? Do you not like the diversity?

Fran Healy was on that Facebook page an hour later, keep in mind that Fran is a sensitive soul. Right after I brandished his page with this heart-stopping remark, as well as other angry fans,  he refuted:

Dear all, just like you, the band are sitting tonight and wondering what the fuck is going on. We have no idea. I have written to our management tonight to get to the bottom of this. We didn’t even know this was going to be announced today. We are gutted and frustrated and will get you an update and some explanation of this tomorrow.

That was me, Fran x

I was mildly assuaged by this reply but wasn’t sure if Travis was really trying their hardest to please their fans. Within an hour of my comment being posted, Travis posted a concert date in WASHINGTON D.C! Coincidence? No, not at all. I put a 110%  behind that comment.  I can safely assume that my comment  brought Travis back into the state capital. Here is what the band had to say about their Washington D.C tour date.

Travis have added a show to their US Tour at The Lincoln Theater in Washington DC on the 20th September.

Tickets for this show will go on sale on Friday 12th July.

Check back here for full ticket details.

 After I posted my Facebook comment, Travis swayed their own management team into snagging a show at Lincoln Theater, centered in the heart of U Street (a diverse and vibrant area).  I was just one out of 387,000 Facebook fans but Fran and the gang listened to me. Not only are they playing in Washington D.C but they picked a historically diverse area to do so.  One complaint, one hour, one concert: Travis!

I’ve never convinced a band (favorite band of all time) to perform in my hometown before? Who knew that Travis read their fans complaints so ardently? Hmmm..maybe  If I extend my hand this time around  Fran may reach back?

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