Biz Markie, The Weinermobile and E.T– Last Seen in Washington D.C

Biz Markie taught a DJ class! Thank you Living Social :)
Biz Markie taught a DJ class! Thank you Living Social 🙂

Living in the D.C area can be a refulgent milieu for millenials since the area is bursting with novel yet retro experiences. I mean, where else can you take a DJ class with Biz Markie (LIVINGSOCIAL), eat BBQ while posing in front of the weinermobile and watch E.T under the stars? In Washington D.C, of course. Well, I guess it’s possible to spot the weinermobile in Chicago or watch E.T, for free, in Austin, TX but Biz Markie lives in the D.C area.  Not everyone can get all three—sorry Charlie.

Found the weinermobile at the Safeway BBQ festival.
Found the weinermobile at the Safeway BBQ festival.

Before meeting Biz Markie for the umpteenth time, my friend Dennis (DMV love guru to engineers) and I pillaged the Safeway BBQ festival for copious amounts of free samples last Sunday. We devoured slices of pizza, downed Chobi Greek yogurt, and savored every piece of meat  from Safeway’s BBQ sample tent.  We also felt that the entrance fee was exorbitant and wanted to get our money’s worth, so we stuffed our FREE blue reusable bags  with Snyders pretzel bits, hummus and Stevia. Please don’t judge us, even though I know you want to.

Watched E.T at Carnegie library by Chinatown metro. Andrew looks very happy..
Watched E.T at Carnegie library by Chinatown metro. Andrew looks very happy..

Moreover, my weekend was not complete without seeing E.T phone home. I’m glad my friend Andrew found the Redbox free movies night on  eventbrite  and invited us lovely ladies out.I guess Redbox wanted to target more DMV residents since it was a FREE showing of E.T. Honestly, I think the company was trying to inveigle us into renting more Redbox movies.  It was a great marketing ploy since everyone loved seeing E.T garble words and loved the free red blankets.

E.T had a few fans..
E.T had a few fans..

Watching E.T, for the second time around was a fun experience  since I saw it with exemplary friends. More importantly, the food trucks were killing it. Towards the end of the movie, I semi-gorged  on chocolate chip kahlua cheesecake; Even though I devoured a platoon of chicken wings at Stan’s with Amina Gilyard, good friend and Miss Exquisite International 2012, an hour before, I still had room for more. By the way, Amina is  the most down-to-earth girl i’ve ever met in the D.C area! I loved chilling with her on Friday and having brunch with her  friends at Clydes on Sunday. Who knew beauty queens ( like all of her friends) were complete sweethearts?

Had brunch with the loveliest beauty queens the DMV area ever had!
Had brunch with the loveliest beauty queens the DMV area ever had!

Another hallmark from this weekend was seeing my good college friend get married in Reistertown. She looked like a princess that day.  Not only was her ceremony arresting but the vibrant reception,cake ceremony and dance sessions were memorable.

Notre Dame of Maryland Reunion!
Notre Dame of Maryland Reunion!

After the ceremony, I saved a few cupcakes for my other good friend Jen Kuhn (Nanny Magazine founder) birthday party. Her party was in Germantown and my friend Vanessa and I drove down a sinuous country route to her house. It was a quotidian drive full of deer running amok, lush green trees and piping hot expletives coming out of  comedian Aries Spears mouth (from my car stereo, not in person).  Every time I have a friend sit in the front seat of my car, I crank up my Aries Spears comedy CD. Laughter is a great way to enjoy Maryland’s countryside, don’t you think?

june 28 2013 2500
We made it to Jen’s party on time! With cupcakes in hand 🙂

Vanessa and I had a great time meeting a lot of new people at Jen’s party. If it wasn’t for her party, Dennis and I never would have heard of the Safeway BBQ festival. I guess it was fate?

Introspective Thoughts of the Week

  • Excited to represent Faso Foods at the 2013 Summer Fancy Food Show this year in New York City!  I will blog about new food trends, finds and unique yums.
  • The Veronica Mars movie unveiled that Piz (played by Chris Lowell) is Veronica’s current boyfriend. I’m not sorry since I am overjoyed by it. Logan is a terrible choice for Veronica. Go “Pizonica.” LoVE is overrated!
  • Did you know that R& B sensation Patti Labell has her own bbq sauce line? I sampled some of her sauce at the Safeway BBQ festival and it was really good. Who knew?
  • I’m done with Wicked and am 24 pages into The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahari. So far The Namesake is a better book than Wicked, since the characters are multi-dimensional and the plot evolves at a rapid pace.
  • I can’t believe Days of our Lives won an Emmy for best soap this year! I guess infusing GRE-esque words into a contrived script can work? Yay NBC!
  • I feel like Mindy Kaling buys all of her clothes from T.J Maxx. I know she denies it and flaunts that she’s a brand-whore on instagram but the vibrant colors, cardigans, and pants are similar to the stuff I find at the petite section. I hope Mindy doesn’t explode  in anger over this blogger’s theory?
  • I made a new friend named Sharon the other day. Totally crossing number 88 on my bucket list.

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