Howie Day at Birchmere: Plus Getting Lost in Southwest D.C


I saw Howie Day at the Birchmere in Alexandria, Virginia last weekend. For a washed-up pop singer, he’s rather talented. He’s most soulful when he’s jamming out, solo, on his acoustic guitar. Essentially, he belted out 24 songs but he did not sing my favorite song which is “You and a Promise.”

Maybe Day can’t keep promises anymore since he’s a self-proclaimed bad boy. If you read his Wikipedia page right here you will see that his management team reiterated how horrible Howie is towards his fans. He locked up one of his fans into a bathroom, and this horrible episode in his life was reiterated multiple times. Yeah, we get it. Bad boy!

Analagous to Day’s behavior, I was surprised that his Wikipedia page did not mention that he dated Britney Spears in 2007 and that they both met in rehab. Was he embarrassed? Was Brit-Brit too much for him to handle?

Even though Day  did not play my favorite song, he did do a great job nonetheless. Halfway into the show, one fan whined that he should’ve played “Collide” already. From afar anyone could see Day bind his arms and clench his teeth. His self control was conspicuous and evident. That woman should be lucky he didn’t jump off stage and lock her into a tight closet for the rest of her life.

After Howie concluded his set and jettisoned off stage, I attempted to drive to Germantown to see friends. Driving out of Alexandria Virginia was beyond cumbersome. Not only did I get lost but I somehow entered into the shadier edges of Southwest D.C.  My life did not flash before my eyes because I did not enter Southeast D.C’s parameters.

On Facebook, one friend told me that I should’ve been armed with a gat (joke) since getting lost in the shadier areas of D.C can be full of trials and tribulations. Lucky for me, my car was teeming with gas, was in decent shape since it’s brand new and I had a working I-phone. I was really glad Murphy’s Law did not go into full effect that day.

After resetting my GPS, and  setting up a GPS on my phone, I was able to maneuver myself back. I was an hour late to the meet up but all was forgiven since I brought  in a few jars of Grashoff’s Belgian Chocolate in for sampling. Good food, great friends, and immense bonding all took place. I guess you can say it was a perfect night for me!

cute pic pic

For future entries, I will include my introspective thoughts for the week. I figure that blogging once a week is what normal bloggers do?

Introspective Thoughts for the Week

  •  Whatever happened to Joan Osborn? You know the lady who sang “What if God was one of us?” Did she become a slob? Ever find her way home?
  • Has anyone else noticed that the staff at Living Social (Washington D.C) has gotten nicer this year? I guess they do read their consumer complaints.
  • Did you hear that there will be more cicadas than people this year? I am definitely expecting a crunchier summer.
  • Latin Palace in Fells Point teaches beginner salsa classes for $10.00! Come by every Thursday!  I was inspired to take salsa lessons after I danced with the ORIGINAL black power ranger in Santa Monica, California last year.

One thought on “Howie Day at Birchmere: Plus Getting Lost in Southwest D.C

  1. my favorite howie song. they best version was at a concert i went to but by far his best song!

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