Austin, Texas: Best Hipster Experience Ever!

Taken at Austin Psych Fest 2013 by ME!!

Right after school ended, my bf and I traveled to Austin, Texas. I’ve never been to Texas before and was not sure if I would even like this trip. I’ve watched “Dallas” and assumed that Austin was about oil tycoons duking it out for money, power and bed-side rendezvous.

I found Nyan cat by Stubbs BBQ!

Boy, was I wrong about Austin, Texas. It was a lovely area full of delicious bbq,  affable people and sanguine  scenery. I enjoyed this trip so much that I even I live-tweeted my Austin, Texas foodie experience on Faso Foods Twitter page.   As a matter of fact, bf and I attended Psych Fest, in its entirety, and saw Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Kaleidoscope (UK), and Warpaint.

Kaleidoscope (UK) was my fave band at Psych Fest 2013! It’s like listening to English children stories but through shoegaze tunes.

In between watching notable psychadelic bands from the 1960’s to now, bf and I rode a water bike, climbed Mt. Bonnell, played glow n’ the dark golf, witnessed a swarm of bats flutter and danced towards the sky, raced on Formula 1’s tracks and embraced a singular dining experience inimitable outside Austin’s border.

Why do monsters want to eat me? I am not a chocolate bar!

Overall, the dining experience was heaven sent.  I devoured cactus at Casa Chapala, drank honey lattes at The Coffee Cup, snoshed on PB& J/ Mexican vanilla ice cream at Amy’s Ice Cream, slurped up turtle soup from Perry’s, and embraced a heavenly BBQ experience at Lamberts, Stubbs and Rudy’s.

Austin texas food
Cactus, Turtle soup, PB& J/Mexican Vanilla Ice cream, and Texas BBQ Ribs!

I can see why Austin denizens spend half of their paychecks on food. It’s that good. Not only do Austinians eat hard but they also play hard too. Residents run, swim, bike and take advantage of the great outdoors.  I guess they can get away with eating like a pig if they are able to battle it out like a warthog.

When I was at Psychfest 2013, Dos Equis had a competition to see who could out-pace the other person through running through a plastic wheel. Competition was steep but I lost like a winner. I won the last round and bf gave me the prize, which was a lollipop with a scorpion inside. I may be an adventurous eater but  I am definitely not going to eat that.

austin texas fashion
I did not break the bank with my fashion statement. I got everything from Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Target.

Fashion can be expensive so I took the cheap route and bought 95% of my outfits from Marshall’s, TJ Maxx and Target. In short,  I was lunch, concert, and sport ready. Moreover, make up can be expensive as well. Normally I go to Sephora to get my foundation, eyeliner and mascara but I was strapped for time.

I pooled change out of my oblong purse and bought Queen Latifah’s newest foundation line for Cover girl at Giant grocery store.  I love her foundation line. It evened out my skin and covered up uneven spots.  Thank you Queen Latifah for blessing this Indian American girl’s complexion with your spectacular foundation line.

Introspective Thoughts for the Week

  •  Currently reading “Wicked” by Gregory Maguire and I feel sorry for the poor witch. Poor Elphaba! No one likes her because her skin is green, teeth are yellow and back is straight.
  • Walker’s shortbread cookies are so delicious. Thank you Scotland for Walkers and for Travis (band).
  • Travis (band) has a new album called “Where You Stand” and its coming out August 19 2013. It has been 5 years Travis, why the wait?
  •  Mr. Q Cumber (cucumber soda) is my new addiction. Go to World Market and try it yourself! Yes, it’s technically veggie soda but it actually tastes good.
  •  Is Bacon even a religion? I feel like it is. It’s so damn good!


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