Is Fashion Conformity or Self Expression? I Prefer the Latter!

Marshalls purchase

If you live in the D.C area then you view fashion as a way to conform en mass. If you live in the West Coast, preferably Portland,Oregon, fashion turns into self-expression. Here, I am, A woman with a laid back personality, like anyone from Portland, Oregon, living in conformist capital U.S.A (Washington D.C).

Self expression takes risk in this area. Everyone is required to have their newest Long Champ purse and wear stinky gym tights everywhere. Just because Kim K does it, doesn’t mean you should–Porn stars are not role models or fashion icons so do not even try to excuse your sheep-like behavior.Alternatively, wearing bold colors during Spring time takes guts since pale hues are what’s hip for this season.

By the same token,  what some people do not realize is that fashion conformity is quite exorbitant. Northface jackets do not grow on trees. You need a strong cash flow to dress bland, talk bland and be bland. Creativity lies in what you lack since you have to think of ways to compensate for it. Self-expression and creativity is the most romantic couple I know; it’s more romantic then Darcy and Lizzie Bennet and even more romantic than Max and Liz (Roswell reference since I do not deny my nerd-iness).

I digress, I’ve noticed a lot of women, in my age range, are spending hard cash at Nordstroms, Macys and Saks.  Huh?

Do you really want to do that?  I love high quality too and I can see the need for conformity, status one-upping, and relieving pent-up aggression but can you start putting your money into your savings account? Instead of following the herd (grateful to be born a creative type), I check out Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Ross like a vulture scoping out  for some fresh carrion.

Lo and behold, I found three items at Marshalls that are also sold  exclusively at Macys. These three items are still in season, in style and dirt cheap. I bought Seven7 pink shorts for $15.00 (originally priced for $40), Tahari shoes for $24.00 (originally priced $65.00) and a Cable and Gauge sweater for $16.99 (originally $39.99).

I’m a Slum Dog Millionaire when it comes to the bottom rungs of the fashion industry. I take designers cast-me-downs and turn it into self-expression. The trick to bargain shopping at these stores is to be cognizant of street fashion. Let’s say you are eating a middle class meal at Panera and you spot a gaggle of meticulously dressed ladies. Curb your envy for their designer threads and take a mental picture of what you just saw.  Keep that mental picture handy when you mix and match threads from Ross, Marshalls and TJ Maxx.

Do a google search on expensive zipcodes and look for a TJ Maxx, Ross and Marshalls in those areas. The more affluent the zipcode is, the better your shopping experience will be. These stores distribute their best stuff based on where you live and if you want to maintain self expression yet, at the same time, turn heads, then please follow this word of advice.

On the weekends, make sure you come to these stores in the morning since that is when their new merchandise arrives.  More importantly, make sure you visit your local Nordstroms, Macy’s and other notable department stores before you shop like a boss. I’m telling you to visit, not buy anything there. Keep tabs on top brands from those stores so you can verify if you are getting high quality at TJ-Ross-Marsh. I do not care for their fake-me-out brands that they inundate their stores with. The fake brands are low quality faux-bargains.

Personally, I rather grab the name brands since I prefer high quality. I’m not a big fan of Marshalls or TJ Maxx’s fake brands anymore since they break apart after one wash. Go for the good stuff!

In addition, when you frequent these stores, bring a cart since I doubt you will want to pick up just one item. I assure you that these stores carry new fashion at a ridiculously low price. The searching part is fun since you get to express your creativity in leisurely spurts.

If you know me personally, then you know that I always dress trendy without conforming. My style is singular, well-kept yet out of the ordinary and that is how most people describe TJ Maxx addicts. They are easy to spot since they often dress in a unique yet fashion forward way.

I’m a Maxxinista and I am not ashamed. I am quite proud.

 Introspective thoughts for the week

1.) Aubrey Plaza is my new hero for the week. If you don’t understand why Google “Aubrey Plaza” and “Will Ferrell.”

2.) Das Racist has an unreleased track called “Indians from all Directions”. I get Heems being from the North(India) and Dap being from the South (India) —but how do you fit Kool A.D into this song since he is not Indian? I hope that’s not the reason why they broke up 😦

3.) Oxygen should be Vita CoCo Peach Mango flavored. Yes, it’s that good!

4.)Since I avidly use, I am fearful over my website getting hacked by bored derps. If you want to protect yourself, read this link.

5.) R.Kelly likes to make a comeback once a year. Did you guys see him sing “Remix to Ignition” with Phoenix at Coachella this year? What a great way to augment his fan base.

6.) I am crossing fingers that Richard Armitage and Parminder Nagra hook up in the near future. Both are British, hot, and talented!


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