Taylor Swift Breaks her own Heart: And Empowers No One

taylor swift

Country Super Star (according to insecure girls, *tears*) Taylor Swift  uses her empty relationships to haul over Grammys, MTV,  and all sorts of music related awards. It’s no given secret that all of her songs correlate back to every single guy she’s ever dated: Wow, 13 guys in the span of 4 years.

Naturally, a lot of talented musicians sing about painful relationships but I doubt that those relationships were orchestrated to make music. Swift only dates rich and famous guys that can garner her media coverage and dates them long enough to push out a vapid tune about being the victim.  It’s such a pity that impressionable teens, tweens and pre-teens call her an inspiration and look up to her as a heroin in the music industry. What’s there to look up to?

I get that she’s garnered innumerable awards, graces the cover of popular magazines, and wears what everyone else wears but that doesn’t equate to her being a role model. Often times in the music industry, popularity–not quality–always sells. There are talented musicians out there filled to the brim with talent but who don’t have the money, connections or looks to make it into the industry.

Taylor Swift is no Carrie Underwood. She doesn’t sing about self empowerment or independence. Nope. She sings about being the victim to guys who never really wanted to be with her in the first place. She writes bombastic lyrics about her ‘so called’ heart getting trampled while impressionable young women run under the impression that it’s okay to chase after a guy who doesn’t care about you.

I’m going to break this to you gently but Taylor Swift is a “Manipulative Mary” who drags people’s names into the gutter; For example: Jake Gyllenhaal, John Mayer, that One Direction guy, some Kennedy kid and a Jonas Brother all have had their reputation tainted after dating that trollop.  She dates someone for a few weeks, hires a PR agent to bolster  enough media coverage, and dumps the bloke. All the while publishing a song that will belie their innocence and make her out to be a martyr for having to date these rich, and famous magnates. Poor Taylor Swift (sarcasm). Will big bad Kanye West come out to blow your dreams away?

She worked so hard to pump out these rudimentary songs tainted with immature experiences and laced with vacuous melodies. I feel bad for the guys she dated since they had to endure Taylor Swift’s mind games.  Why can’t she get a life? Aside from singing droll songs, maybe she can learn to play golf, pick up knitting or even run her own business? Do something that will empower women and not hurt innocent men in the process. Alas, the only way someone like her makes money is by orchestrating relationships and by creating machinations that pinpoint her as the sole victim.

If this article seems too cumbersome for you let me provide you with  the essence of it in two sentences.

1.) Taylor Swift lacks musical talent and only makes money by purposefully being in lackluster relationships.

2.) Taylor Swift is a bad role model with manipulative tendencies due to her playing victim all the time. 

Like it or not, Taylor Swift is going to be a staying force in the entertainment industry. She’s skinny, has a symmetrical face, rich and has a strong, lucrative, market share that’s ever so willing to give her money. It’s the same market share that loves “Twilight” and views Bella Swan as a heroin to look up to. Stephenie Meyer and Taylor Swift are both guilty of curbing young women’s potentials by making them all wait for a man to complete them.

6 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Breaks her own Heart: And Empowers No One

  1. I agree she’s starting to get on everybody’s nerves. Except on tweens’ still-underdeveloped brains. However, in her defense, she can’t help it. Her astrological profile says she must experience (too) many (quick) relationships to learn a thing or two about how these work. So, the poor thing may be galloping her way to the bank thanks to those high-profile flings, but it’s the universe that wants her to learn something from each guy, until she build strong enough an arsenal to stick to one guy … probably one who’s not in the public eyes? Cool blog, by the way.

    1. This is going to sound kinda funny but you’re like the first person in two years who has left me a positive comment. Often times, some people like to only see the negative in an article and rudely point that out. I hope there are more commenters/bloggers like you out there 🙂

    2. Thanks for the web 2.0 love! Pop music, as a whole, is going to get worse from here on out. If people think Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga is talented, imagine what they will fancy in 2 years?

      There’s no real reason anyone should care about her love life since still has this “victim” mentality embedded in most of her songs. Unless she grows up, she’s only going to get into fractured relationships.

  2. I completely agree with your comments about Taylor. Although a cute girl, she is way overrated. She is pure bubble gum pop and I am personally shocked that she wasn’t a one-hit wonder. Although her looks are nothing that she can help because the Lord blessed her with them, she appears simply as a little girl playing dress up and nothing more. When I think of the people out there who are extremely talented, trying very hard to get signed and can’t, makes me sick because then you see this girl making millions for very minimal talent at best. It’s a mystery…..

    1. Taylor Swift is a talent-less twit who loves to create drama and play victim in the press. She also has a strong dislike towards brunettes? It’s weird.

      I agree, a lot of bands that people heart are superfluous since it’s all about making money at the end of the day versus cranking out art for the masses.

      Thanks for the comment. I like hearing from readers who have common sense and who appreciate underdogs. You rock!!!!

  3. Prior to Taylor Swift‘s split from Harry Styles, the “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer was getting flack for her never-ending list of short-term relationships. (Remember American Idol contestant Tim Urban’s faux break-up song ?) Now that Haylor’s over, the heat just keeps on coming.

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