David Bowie: Where are we now? (New Single)

I’m excited that David Bowie is making a comeback this year but I’m not sure if this is the right song for it. I just watched his newest music video titled, “Where are we now?” and feel like this song doesn’t  match  the tone of the music video.

I get that David Bowie is mired with health problems and has to take it easy, but it’s a shame that his music has to follow suit with his physical deterioration. At least his video was entertaining, albeit, keeping up to par with his previous music videos. Remember “Ashes to Ashes”?  “Hello Spaceboy”?

It’s not a surprise that Bowie’s  trippy, avant guard videos have always spearheaded him into the limelight but I wish he released a catchier song for millennials who adore him too. Based on the lyrics, tune and soft melodies, I can only deduce that Bowie is trying to cater to the baby boomer/ Gen X crowd who can’t tolerate weightier more melodic beats.

Since he did release a new single, and it is going to make the charts in the U.K (The WORLD) I wonder if he’ll tour this year? He’s 66 year’s old and his formidable years of partying may have taken a toll on his health. I doubt I will ever see him go cray-cray on stage since he needs to take it easy.  I just recently saw Billy Corgan on stage at the Patriot center and he was not the same angry soul from the 90’s. I sure miss old Billy Corgan!

Regardless of David Bowie making a strong comeback or not, Bowie must have a smart marketing team!  I mean, he waited 10 years before he released a new album en mass and now there is a strong demand for him. A Strong demand.

I’ve always respected him for being unique and for taking a risk when it came to the music videos he created from the 70’s and onwards but I am also sanguine over his brand not deteriorating over the years.  He definitely incepted his own genre and defied expectations of being a one-hit-wonder thanks to his ingenuity.

In super strong contrast with ‘Tasteless Swift,’ sorry, I mean ‘Taylor Swift,’ I actually respect Bowie for pushing out quality work.  Even though my musical palate is in-congruent with his targeted market base for his newest album, I will always revere his musical accomplishments in my heart, soul and blog.

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