200,000 blog hits: And what certain Memes have to say about that

By the end of the day today ( if not sooner) Sherryn Daniel’s website will reach a major milestone: 200,000 hits! Naturally, we’ll throw a party later on in the year that will let readers, friends of the website, and DMV bloggers convene in the D.C area. For now, I know a couple of meme’s that have a few things they need to get off their chest about this momentous occassion…

I dunno Keanu? Maybe you did. Whomever hit my blog 200,000 times was a complete saint! ( I say all this facetiously, ofcourse)

Yay, my website is not forever alone 🙂

This post is dedicated to anyone who has not visited my website yet. Y u no like it? And finally…..The Gersebermps girl is quite happy with my website! Albeit, I know it’s not Goosebumps but you gotta start somewhere.

Dear Readers,

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for supporting me and my website for the past 3 odd years. I really appreciate all of the blog love and want you to know that there is no blog without you guys. You all make it awesome and I want to thank you for it! I love you all!


Sherryn D.

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