Artscape 2012: Banana cars, Giant Robots and Mind-Boggling Art

This year’s Artscape ascertained what I hoped it would be this year. It was smart, funny and unique.  I brought my dear friend Sion along for the ride and she enjoyed the insect art, free coffee, and the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile. I enjoyed the kooky outfits punk kids wore, horror-themed art and the funky cars pulling up along the road.

For a boring, unimaginative, cookie cutter Hipster/resident from D.C, I am sure this event would unequivocally perplex them since there was no way for them to flash their esoteric knowledge unto onlookers. Baltimore is known for having the chillest, calmest people. Which is what I love most about the area.

Sion and I collected a bunch of free food, frisbees and coupons from Peets Coffee, some Bank and from Center Stage theater. Along the way, we learned more about the jazz scene, tried to win an I-pad 2 at some Toyota stand and were imbued with eclectic introspection due to the “Last Cookie Monster”.

Artscape was heavily spruced up with band performances, ethnic food and droves of vendors left and right. Sion and I simply bee lined for the art and freebies though, which is what I think most people did anyway.

The Baltimore themed artwork was forbearing of troubling times. The warm colors, heavily cast shadows and asymmetrical viewpoints from a gamut of artists only invoked a sense of dread in me. I wish I saw more positive paintings of Baltimore but it would take an unflappable artist to achieve that feat then.

I was highly amused by the lack of clothing people wore. I saw so much skin in raw daylight barely covered in articles of clothing. Maybe I am getting older or this could be the artistic climate that has befallen the Baltimore area, nonetheless, people should really consider wearing clothes that cover up.

 In addition, though Artscape swelled with fine Ethnic cuisine ranging from Jamaican, Vietnamese and Indian food, the exorbitant prices were not too kind.

 I did heart the Rock-Metal-Opera, banana themed cars and the rum cake.  I wish I went there all weekend since it would’ve been great to see Brian McNight, live!

Hopefully next year I will catch all of the musical performances and even take more time in appreciating the reverie much of the art gave others in the area.

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