July 4, 2012: Vis-a-Vis with Biz Markie, and I botched it up!

Biz has “own” line of Keds out there. Check out Ebay for a pair.

I should’ve blogged about this encounter a few weeks ago but I didnt have time to. It’s been years in the making and I botched up my first face-to-face encounter with Biz Markie.  I’ve wanted to meet him for several years and even rehearsed, in my head, exactly what I would say to him. However,  when the time came I was ill-prepared and gave a terrible first impression.

If you are a die-hard fan of the show “Community”, then you must have seen that episode when Troy Barnes totally freaked out when he met his idol, Lavar Burton. Everytime Lavar Burton engaged in some sort of face-to-face interaction with Troy–he would visibly freeze up.  Here is a clip to help clarify.

I pretty much did the same thing.

I was at Arundel Mills Mall and was about to see “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter,” for the upteenth time. I was coming back from an event held in FortMead and was in the mood for a rousing good movie that ensures any and all onlookers of feeling air conditioning. After I saw the movie ( no, not in 3-D), I came across Biz Markie. He had a shiney t-shirt on, an earring on his right ear and a happy-go-lucky look on his face.

I was instantly paralyzed with anxiety, fear and anything else that freezes up your body at awkward times. Biz, who is 6’3, peered down at this tiny Indian girl who is 5’1, and we both simply stared at each other for like 25 seconds. I was overthinking the entire situation and doubting myself. Was it really Biz Markie? Really, on July 4th? That’s way too much of a coincidence.

I cocked my head to the right, and stared deeply. I think I ended up giving him a cross-eyed, perplexed look since Biz looked confounded at my own expression. He couldn’t take this impasse anymore, and just rolled his eyes, grunted and walked away really fast. Later on, my boyfriend came out of the restroom and asked me if I was okay.

I whined that I messed up a golden opportunity to tell Biz Markie that I hearted him. I whined about it for like 6 hours straight and almost had a fit, in comparison to what Troy Barnes ( Donald Glover) had for Lavar Burton, his idol.  I felt sorry for my boyfriend. He had to deal with this and my overall fanaticism to Biz Markie.

Oh well, atleast Biz still pokes me on Facebook:To this day. Even after I botched everything up.

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