Georgetown French Festival 2012: French Embassy used Grashoff’s Belgian Chocolate in Crepes

I love French Fare. Who doesn’t?  When it comes to the gourmet food world, the French know what’s best. I am an ardent lover of crepes, escargot, cheeses and fine wines, and, naturally, the French perfected these culinary arts with their shrewd talents.

Not too long ago, I was at the Georgetown French festival representing Faso Foods at the French Embassy.  It’s common sense that the best food came at the French embassy section since they made the most divine crepes ever. What’s most interesting to note is that they only used Grashoff’s Belgian Chocolate spreads.

The French Embassy wanted only the best so they switched between Grashoff’s dark, milk and white chocolate blends. It was hard for foodies to choose between Grashoff’s Gentleman’s dark blends too. It was super addictive for many!

So many people loved this and the white strawberry sauces that they reneged Nutella from their lives. It was super funny what happened but I have eye-witness accounts of this occurring. Don’t believe me? Read these testimonials and judge for yourself.

If the French Embassy hearts Grashoff Belgian Chocolate spreads: Why don’t you?


 1.) “I like this much better than other chocolate spreads”– Paris

  2.) “This is the best spread! Where can I buy it?????- Alidia
  3.)”Sweet, Creamy and Delicious. Good treat!- Belen Bezano
  4.) “Excellent!” Love the white chocolate with strawberry” Sabrina Firawsais
  5.) “Waaay better than nutella. Yummy! Divine Tasting!”–Prerna Rathi
   6.) “Really good. Better than Nutella”- James Dzierna
   7.)” Definitely better than Nutella!”- Jim Kelman
    8.)” Taste is rich, creamy and sweet. Love it!!- Susan Alicea
    9.) I found it to be lighter and yet perfectly richer than nutella”—-MaryBeth Benton

   10.) “I thought this was excellent. It had a richer taste than Nutella”—-Walter Wilson
   11.)”Grashoff has a much smoother and more natural taste than Nutella. I love it!—Lauren Bradley
   12.) “By far the best thing I’ve tastes in a long time.”–B. Golovich Keir
   13.) ” A chocolate experience + a creamy adventure. It brought us together!”- Julie
   14.) “Delicious! This is better than Nutella”– Ingrid
   15.)  “Delicious!”- Marisa
Grashoff’s Belgian Chocolate spreads were a huge hit at the French Embassy. I’m not really surprised by that but was amused how it amassed an almost cult following.
So many people were asking about it. I simply told them to go to Patisserie Poupon in Georgetown and to also visit:
You can have your very own French Embassy party at home, just order Grashoff’s Belgian Chocolate spreads and you’re good to go.

About Faso Foods

Faso Foods is an international food management company supporting producers with import/export, warehousing, packaging, market research, sales and promotional activities.

We represent a diverse roster of categories including hot beverages, fruit juice, confections and grains, many of which are organic and fair trade, to fulfill the demand of the sophisticated specialty food market.

Also, Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter. You instantly get entered into a drawing. Winners of the Faso Food Social Media Contest win a case of 6 Grashoff Belgian chocolate sauces.



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