Chrystee Pharris stars “In Search of O” at Howard University

A spectacular one woman show held at Howard University. If you’re a fan of Chrystee’s you had to be there.

Me, Dennis Tran ” Love Guru to Engineers”, Vanessa, Jason and Jackie had the time of our lives last weekend. We dressed to impressed, had a late dinner at PotBelly’s down the street from Howard University and dashed on over to the BlackBurn center.

I was extremely excited about the show since i’ve been a fan of Chrystee Pharris for a very long time. I first watched her on “Passions” and truly liked the tenacity she had over her own convictions. Later on,  she then went on to playing JD’s girlfriend Kylie on “Scrubs” and her notability only advanced with time. Getting key parts like that is hard in Hollywood so it takes someone with confidence, drive and talent to go this far.

I wanted to bring my small posse over so they could have an eyewitness account on how talented Chrystee truly is.

Here I am with Chrystee Pharris. You have to see her perform, she’s super talented.

We all sat close to the front row, and paid extra attention to the show. Chrystee is basically performing as herself in search of her sexual identity after she loses her virginity, at 27 years old, to her first husband. As a good Christian girl, she goes to God, asks family members and reads up on what a real orgasm entails.

Chrystee is a multi-faceted actress. She was not only funny, but she did like 5 different personalities at once. I was completely floored by her performance and my friend Jason was too. He even video taped the entire performance.

My friend Vanessa and I are Christian women and we loved how Chrystee explored her own sexuality in a very appropriate yet confident way.  The girl did not go sleeping around like most girls do in the United States. She showed great conviction, confidence and strength during her performance.I hope more women get to see her play. Maybe they’d learn to close their legs, pipe down and embrace womanhood better.

Dennis, Jackie, Vanessa, Me, Chrystee and Jason, with a close friend of Chrystee’s.

Did I forget to mention that Chrystee is a spectacular dancer and singer? I hope I didn’t forget to mention that. Her voice is angelic and her dancing skills are adroit.  Her performance as a pole dancing instructor was phenomenal. PHENOMENAL! I wish I had more pictures of Chrystee singing and dancing. You would’ve really enjoyed it.

Dennis, Jason and I were way to excited to meet Chrystee! We, literally, jumped for joy 🙂

After meeting Chrystee , my friends grew more and more enamored by her. Her down to earth personality, kind smile and willingness to go the extra length for her fans exuded her golden hued personality. What a doll! We all loved her on- as- well- as- off screen. In fact, me, Dennis and Jason were soooo happy to meet her that we literally jumped for joy.

If you want to get to know more  about our most favorites actress in the entire world: check out her website here.; Follow her on Twitter here;And like her on Facebook here. Unlike alot of stars, Chrystee actually replies backs to fans, remembers you and cares.  Actually, before we ever met in person, she wrote happy birthday on my wall.

It not only made my day but also made me realize what a sweetheart she really is.  We all heart Chrystee Pharris! Hope you do too 🙂

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