Biz Markie: Why can’t we be friends? Part 1

Biz Markie, World’s Greatest DJ and Beatboxer!

My website is a food blog, yes. A music blog, yes. A shrine for Biz Markie, double-yes.

It’s a triple-quadruple threat, maybe? All I know is Biz Markie deserves some web 2.0 love and everyone should give it to him. If it weren’t for Biz Markie, the world wouldn’t turn. True story.

If your a social media junkie like me than I highly recommend you follow Biz Markie on Twitter here and like him on Facebook here.

As a Biz Markie fan I not only follow him via those two social media vehicles but blog about his awesome-ness when I can.  I think Biz Markie is the world’s greatest rapper and the funniest guy in Hip Hop to date.  His talent is incomparable to so many greats since he’s a triple threat.

Biz is a rapper, beatboxer and comedian. Not all rappers can beatbox, not all beatboxers can rap and not all comedians can rap ( well Donald Glover can but he has alot to learn from Biz).

I wanted to learn more about Biz so I did a thorough Google search. I found this website that details Biz Markie’s craziest stories. If you click here you will get  in-depth information regarding Biz Markie’s personality. Based on these stories, I find him to be hilarious, creative and a unique thinker. He’s not your typical rapper since he has a strong sense of humor.

I cannot believe he face-planted R&B singer Sade in the face. Seriously, it’s her loss for refusing to duet with Biz Markie. He’s too awesome and hilarious for words. She got her bad karma, and I sorta-kinda-not-really feel bad for her. How can anyone refuse Biz? My Goodness!

I copy Biz.. I say “Oh Snap” all the time.

After some careful thinking, I realize that I have quite a bit in common with Biz Markie.  Enough so that I peg this question to my friends: Why can’t we be friends?

Interested in reading more about my love for Biz Markie? Stay tune for part 2. In the meantime, follow me on Twitter: @Sherryndsblog and like Sherryn Daniel’s blog’s Facebook page.

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