Biz Markie: Why can’t we be friends? Part 3

Why Biz Markie Would Make a Great Friend… Cont..

6.) Biz likes Barbies.
Biz has a large collection of Barbie Dolls. Google him up on youtube and you will find this episode of him showcasing his toys. Essentially he’s a child at heart and loves to collect toys. I have this in common with Biz since I used to collect Barbie dolls too.

Even though I am a grown-ass-woman, I STILL collect Sailormoon dolls. Wherever I go, if I see a Sailormoon doll from Japan, I would totally snatch that thing up. So not hating on Biz for his unique hobbies.

7.) Biz spearheaded old school hip hop.
Biz is the God-Father of Beatboxing. He is the fore father of old school hip hop. ‘Nuff said. If you like Hip Hop, you gotta love Biz. I love Hip Hop, so I automatically heart Biz Markie :)

8.) Biz goes to IHOP.
I wrote a blog entry about my search for the Diabolical Biz Markie. A reader commented a few months back that Biz was at this IHOP in Bowie, MD. He apparently grabbed a seat inspite of a long line and had to endure angry eyes, rude shouts and negative reactions. Poor Biz. I love IHOP. I eat there with my bestie when I get the chance. I understand how horrible long lines can be and can only relate to Biz.

9.)  Biz is nice. It’s hard to find anything negative about him. If you follow him on Twitter, and like him on Facebook, you see that he genuinely cares about his fans. I also heard he’s one of the nicest celebrities you could ever meet since he has no ego. He’s all niceness!

10.) Biz is funny as all hell. He sings really funny songs. His antics are hilarious too. I bet if I ever meet him in person, I would be bawling out tears since he’s too funny. Hope that happens in the near future.

11.) Everyone has met Biz Markie except me ( I’m Forever Alone on this).  My close friend Laura told me that on 99.5, either Kane or Kruz declared Biz Markie as being the one celebrity everyone has met. He’s a normal guy who goes to the grocery store and walks around in daylight sans a large enterouge. I, seriously, cannot FIND HIM! Where the hell is he?

12.) Biz Markie knew Wu Tang before they were.. The Wu Tang Clan I lOVE the Wu Tang Clan. Biz knew the Wu Tang Clan before they became The Wu Tang Clan and saw so much potential with them. A friend of the Wu is a potential friend of mine.

13.) Biz loves Kung Fu movies. Oh snap! Biz loves super rare kung fu movies. That’s super cool, in itself.

14.) Biz is unpredictable. I read alot of colorful stories about Biz being unpredictable in a funny way. Fans and friends alike, never know what to expect from him. I hope to witness this one day versus read about it. I heart spontaneous people since they bring excitement and adventure wherever they go. I really respect this trait since it means Biz lives life to the fullest.

15.) Biz is Competitive. It takes a very driven person to stay in the Hip-Hop world for this long. Biz is globally famous, a highly sought after DJ and a TV star. He was competitive enough to get to the top. Plus he won the first season of Celebrity Fit Club. HE WON! Biz Markie is always #winning.. I swear he’s born with Tigerblood or something.

16.) Biz is a Diabolical Genius. Biz is a beast. Biz is a diabolical genuis. He’s as relevant today as he was in the past. People still talk about him, go to his shows and love him dearly. His lyrics are mad creative, and his beatboxing is one-of-a-kind. No one can ever compare to the Biz.

Based on these 16 reasons alone, wouldn’t Biz Markie make the perfect Bestie? I think he would. He’s confident, unique and funny. A perfect recipe for an exciting friendship.

Have any of you met Biz Markie in Maryland, D.C or Virginia? Or have any of you got in contact with him via his social media tools? If so, comment below. You may get published into my next blog entry about Biz and his mad social media skills.

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