Biz Markie: Why Can’t We Be Friends? Part 2

Biz lives near Washington D.C! He can visit the white house.. if he wanted to? Alas, he’s too busy beatboxing around the globe.

Biz Markie is someone you can be friends with in real life. Seriously, think about it. He’s goofy, smart, and will liven up conversation with his mad beat boxing skills.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone is hating on the Biz.  Haters need to stop hating. He’s too cool to be squashed with negativity and whomever thinks twice about doing so, must be punished with old school country music.

I hope Biz tours the Washington D.C area again. It would be great to hear, ” Throwback”, “Vapors” and even “Just a friend”.

After some careful thinking, I was able to scour reasons why Biz Markie would make the perfect bestie for someone ( like me, perhaps).  Are you confounded by this theory? I hope not. If so, here’s a collection of reasons why Biz Markie would make the perfect BESTIE!!!.

Why Biz Markie Would Make a Great Friend

1.) Biz Markie likes kids. Kinda obvious since he has a segment for the Nickelodian show “Yo Gabba Gabba”.. Biz’s Beats of the day helped millions of kids, nation-wide, expand their cognitive skills. I’ve seen really little babies perfectly match their beats with Biz and I was impressed that simple exercises like that can go a long way for a little one. Biz tours the nation, just for the kids. What a great guy!

2.) Biz Markie sings “Bennie and the Jets” better than Elton John.  If you read part 1, than you must have watched Biz sing Elton John’s rendition of “Bennie and the Jets”. Biz spruces that song up with pizazz, flavor and spice. He even concludes the song, on the ground, beating out the emotion from his vocal chords. Deep stuff. Great song sung by a great artist.

3.) Biz is local if you live in Maryland.  I had a Facebook conversation with him once, and he affirmed the rumors. He lives in Bowie, MD. Bowie is not very far from D.C and if you live in MoCo, PG, Nova or anywhere else, just remember Biz Markie is not as far as you think he is.

4.) Biz and the Beastie Boys are besties. Biz is always dropping  beats on a Beastie Boy album. “Cause they are best buds from way back when. Ofcourse, we are still mourning the loss of MCA but we’ll never forget “Sabotage” and “Intergalactic”. Biz had a guest spot on the latter song and I theorize that it probably influenced him taking on a guest role in Men in Black 2 as a beat boxing alien agent.

5.) Biz is humble. Biz doesn’t brag. He’s down-to-earth, grateful and humble for all the wonderful things he has in his life. Don’t believe me? Google up past interviews and people’s past encounters with him. Nothing but positive stuff on his countenance, demeanor and regard for human life.

Want to read more? Stay tuned for part 3. Until then, Follow me on Twitter : @Sherryndsblog and like it’s Facebook page here.


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