Calvert Woodley: Best place by Van Ness to get Grashoff chocolate spreads

 If you are a fan of Nutella, than you are surely missing out. Grashoff makes belgian chocolate spreads that are not only organic but go great on everything. You name it: crepes, desserts, ice cream, fruits, pastries, and even on its own.

Since its such a piquant blend of chocolate, milk and a slew of unique ingredients, it’s only sold in select stores in the D.C/Maryland and Virginia area.

 Calvert Woodley, the store a few blocks from the Van Ness metro stop off the redline, carries Grashoff chocolate spreads as well as tart wines and other scrumptious delectables.

I was at Calvert  Woodley a few weekends ago, and brought an ample supply of Grashoff chocolate spreads such as: gentelmans chocolate, blood orage, strawberry with white chocolate, pistachio, coconut, ginger, milk chocolate, and milk chocolate with hazelnut.

Each chocolate blend paired well with different pinot noires and can also be paired with moscato, white wine, chardonnays and even red wine.

If you are a D.C foodie, than you should’ve been at Calvert Woodley a few weekends ago.

We paired aged, sweet wines with full-flavored dark chocolate spreads.

This bridge between fine wines and chocolate conjured up a mass of fans that not only endeared them to Grashoff but also allowed them to envision multiple social gatherings where chocolate and wine can truly go hand-in-hand.

  If you are a true-blooded foodie, than stop by Calvert  Woodley for Grashoff’s chocolate spreads. 

  Additionally, if you are in the DMV area,  I am holding a gourmet chocolate tasting in the Silver Spring area.

 For $5, you get to pair 10 different blends of gourmet belgian chocolate with fruits, cupcakes, french pastries, desserts, and ice cream. RSVP by e-mailing me at:, so I can send you the addy and times for this Thursday March 22, 2012 event.

 Who needs Nutella when you can get Grashoff’s instead.

Calvert Woodley

4339 Connecticut Avenue Northwest 

 Washington, DC 20008
(202) 966-4400

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