Social Media: Yes, it’s possible to contact celebrities through it. I did it, so can you!

Social media ( blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and even Youtube) are great ways to espouse your thoughts, feelings and beliefs and is a wonderful outlet for networking too. I’ve used Twitter and even Facebook to connect with new people.

It’s definitely cheaper than calling, texting and less time consuming than shooting up a quick e-mail. Social media is also a cheap, easy and effective way to contact celebrities too.

I was lucky to have used Facebook and even Twitter to contact so many of my favorite movie and TV stars over the past two years, and I feel really fortunate to have been opportuned with this. Thanks to Facebook, Twitter and in some cases my blog, I was able to get in contact with:

1.) Chrystee Pharris, Simone from the defunct soap opera “Passions”. I wanted to follow her on Twitter and posted that question on her Facebook wall. I was surprised, that she personally responded back. I even posted a question a few months ago about what a certain position entailed, and yet again, she replied back congenially. ( If you watch Scrubs feverishly, you may remember her as Kylie, JD’s love interest for three episodes). Click on this and any link below to add them as a Facebook/ Twitter friend.

2.) McKenzie Westmore, Sheridan Crane from “Passions”. Yes, I admit it. I watched Passions alot and was a huge fan of several of the stars from the show.  I remembered McKenzie best from “Passions” and am happy to hear that she’s a host in the SyFy channel. I contacted McKenzie via Facebook and asked her if she talks to her fans through this medium and she sweetly replied that she does ( even added a happy face emoticon). I was super happy with that since she always played a very eclectic character on the soap opera and always seemed like a sweetheart on screen. I was happy to find out she’s  uber nice on social media too.

3.) Heidi Mueller, Kay Bennet from “Passions”. Kay Bennet was my favorite character on “Passions” and Heidi Mueller was my favorite person to play Kay. I read her VLOG alot and posted a question about it on her Facebook. Lo and behold, she replied back in an ingenuous way.  That not only made my day but prompted me to write a thorough blog entry about why she’s my favorite Kay Bennet. Honestly, watch “Passions” again, Heidi is a great actress and I think everyone should agree with me on that!

4.) Farah Fath, Gigi from One live to Live. Fath also played Mimi Lockhart from “Days of our Lives” and is currently on “Dirty Soap”. I contacted her via Twitter and told her she was my favorite person on “Dirty Soap” since she was candid, real and brutally honest. She not only replied back but retweeted my tweets a few times too. I like Farah as much as I like Heidi and that totally made my day too. Please watch “Dirty Soap” and support #TeamFarah.

5.) Jenna Gering, herself on “Dirty Soap”. She is not only the wife of Days of our lives star Galen Gering ( Rafe Hernandez) but she also used to be a model. She really does reply back to fans on her Facebook page and even on her Twitter account.

6.) Parminder Nagra, Neela from “ER” and Jess from “Bend it like Beckham”. Honestly, if she ever replied back in a nasty way through social media I would still love her to death. She’s been my favorite actress ( OF ALL TIME) since I was in high school, eons ago. Luckily for me, she not only replied back and has retweeted me, but was always nice about it too.  Parminder does reply back to fans and her replies made my year 🙂

7.) Jane Velez-Mitchell, infamous host on HLN and acclaimed journalist.  I read Velez-Mitchell’s book ” Addict Nation” and was floored by it. She’s an eloquent writer, ingenuous person and very informative. I contacted her via e-mail so I could interview her for my blog and was lucky that she even gave me the time or day for it. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is interested about why war, consumption and celebrity can be percieved as a hardcore addiction.

I never thought for a second I would be able to get in contact with any of these celebrities, in my entire life. But social media breaks the barrier, and forages a threshold for open communication.

Take a chance, tweet Lady Gaga or even Kanye West. You never know, they may not only just read what you are saying but will holla’ at you back.

Update as of October 27, 2011.. 12:53 a.m (East Coast time)

I sent tweets, facebook messages and e-mails back to the celebs i’ve contacted from this post and so far only Parminder Nagra, Mckenzie Westmore, and Chrystee Pharris replied back.


@Parmindernagra: nice….

Facebook : Thank you! 🙂

Chrystee Pharris. ( She not only liked my post but she went above and beyond.)

On my Facebook wall:

Chrystee Pharris: Just reposted the blog on my wall 🙂

Chrystee Pharris: Thanks for loving my work and for supporting it.

On her own Facebook wall:

Chrystee Pharris: Hey everybody, here is an blog that mentions my name. Thanks Sherryn Daniels for writing about it. Glad I answered your questions lol. It might be a different article lol.

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