How do you know if you are a Hipster? Or not?

The picture you see above is me attempting to jump as high as this little blond girl. It was taken in Toronto, Canada and I don’t really think it relates to this post.  Well, maybe? This is a picture taken of me before I transformed myself into a nouveau-hipster.

It bites that I don’t even have a recent picture taken of me after my “hipster transformation,” but when I do have it: I will post it, ASAP!

For the past year, I was in complete denial that I was even a hipster. Yet, after doing some deep soul searching and feverish Googling, I can finally conclude that I am, kinda-sorta, a hipster-ish woman.  If you go to, and type in the word Hipster, you will see the exact definition:

Usually someone in college or fresh out of college until about their late twenties who enjoys indie music, a good cup of coffee or tea, grocery shopping at an organic store and vintage clothe shopping. also enjoys local acoustic band shows, and enjoys indie flicks or foreign films with subtitles. they are snobbish about their music and political affiliations, and enjoy reading books.they enjoy traveling and culture in general.
 I can’t deny this definition–even if I try. On my Pandora Station, I listen to nothing but Indie music: The Decemberists, Cold War kids, Peter Bjorn and John, The Kooks, Travis, Aqualung, etc. I watch Indie-flicks on when I get the chance, e.g., “Happy-go-Lucky”, “Arranged”,”Kabluey”, etc.
I am very particular about my coffee and prefer blends that are imported overseas from Columbia, parts of Western Africa and wherever else knows how to toast and meld special, aromatic beans. I even get picky about tea and savor anything exotic. I’m a fervent lover of coconut teas from Thailand and of authentic Darjeelings from India.
My favorite concerts tend to be acoustic, and once someone gets me started on what is good music and even on social issues ( not always politics), I get extremly passionate and try to immerse myself in deep conversation about it. Moreover, I feel like i’ve always been into vintage clothing, even before it  became a nation-wide trend.
I’ve also gone through the whole “thrift-store” route but have also favored garage sales, flea markets and stores like TJ Maxx, Ross and Marshalls for my current threads. Not to mention, i’m an adept bargain shopper who loves to rove around her local Tar-Jay.

Hipsters also love to read books. I try to read 1-2 books a month ( while balancing that with reading for school), and I am currently getting into 48 Rules of Power by Robert Greene.  Though I don’t agree with alot of these tactics, it’s a great read to learn how to ward yourself away from manipulative, cunniving, perfidious people ( it’s sad, but many tend to pervade internships, jobs, networking events and chill sessions with friends).  Generally, I just like to  read books that try to mature me into a better person.

Anyways, another way I am a hipster is by my counter-culture views. I am anti: Lady Gaga, Glee, American Idol, and anything too popular. I also don’t agree with beauty standards placed by the media since it distorts people’s minds and progresses racist tendencies concerning what “is” actual beauty. I also tend to stay afloat on current affairs by reading Huffington Post, CNN, NPR and by engaging in insightful conversation with good friends.

I also love to travel, frequent local coffee shops, try new activities/sports and read. Yeah, the last line borders between Hipster and just being a young- twenty-something that wants to cultivate herself.

After reaching that “A-HA” moment that I was indeed nouveau-hipster, I decided to physically transform myself. Recently, I got a new haircut resembling Christina Perri’s ( minus the blond streak), bought tighter jeans, striped shirts and dramatically altered the way I do makeup.

I bought an ample supply of Loreal themed eye-shadows, lipstick and liquid pencil black eyeliner to achieve this ornate look.

Lest not forget, my  toe and fingernails are going to be decked in dark OPI colors ( preferably caffeine-addict): To embellish this “I don’t really care” look.

I honestly think this “Hipster” phase will die down in a year and I will probably experiment in a new look. But for now, i’m having fun playing-up being a nouveau-hipster in the DMV area.

 So, I guess the big question to ask now is: How do you know if you are a hipster? or not?

If this blog entry reminds you of yourself than problem solved. However, if you still feel ambivalent about this entry than try to perform your own google search to find it if you are, indeed, a Hipster.

Once you finally reach that A-Ha moment, why not catch up with me at an Indie-rock show at 9:30 club or engage in a socially-oriented conversation with me at a trendy, chic coffee joint ( Hmmm Kramer Books by Dupont Circle?).  Us Hipsters ( or Nouveau-Hipsters) must stick together.

One thought on “How do you know if you are a Hipster? Or not?

  1. I surely hope I’m not a hipster. The definition does put me in quite a bind, but I’m saved because I don’t care much for coffee or organic things. I think the final touch is wearing sunglasses anywhere and everywhere. Regardless of sunlight or artificial light.

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