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I promise you, Addict Nation: An Intervention for America, written by award-winning HLN host  Jane  Velez-Mitchell  and her editor, Sandra Mohr, will enlighten you about the latent dangers found with common addictions. You may be surprised but it’s not just prescription drugs or alcohol that most Americans are addicted too. Many have a deep obsessive addiction to: Make-up,  Crime, The Internet, Food, Movie Stars, Materialism, War & Sex.

Of course, there are more addictions addressed in the book but this is just a shortlist to convey the grander point across. That some addictions can seem friendly and non-addictive but, can ultimately, worsen the quality of your life.

I mean, how is makeup addictive?

Many of these addictions are inexorable due to the media, materialism and peer pressure taking precedence in most American’s lives.

If you don’t believe my viewpoint then check out this excerpt from Addict Nation: An Intervention from America.

I headed for the refrigerator one evening when my 94-year old mother looked at me from across the kitchen. She sized me up and then quietly said, “Jane, you’re getting FAT.” Now, my mother doesn’t criticize me very often so this got my attention. Of course, I was irritated. Who wants to be told the truth about something like that! But, it was the kind of thing only somebody who loves you would dare to say. Call it a one sentence intervention. It did the trick. It was precisely what I needed to break through the logjam of my denial. It had been a while since my scale had died. I never replaced the battery. My fear of finding out how much I weighed was so ingrained in my psyche that I went to the store twice to buy a new battery for my scale and got the wrong size each time.

            What would Freud say?

Yes, I – like most Americans – I have food issues. I never did while I was drinking. So long as I had my chardonnay security blanket, I could nibble on a salad and be perfectly content. But, when that was taken away from me a decade and a half ago, suddenly food entered my life as a serious contender for my attention and my extremely addictive tendencies. It was my new route to escape!

Velez-Mitchell, with assistance from Mohr, cleverly intersperses her real life struggles with addictions and backs each claim with concrete evidence.Moreover,  readers are assured an easy read thanks to Velez-Mitchell’s excellent journalism background.

Once you are addicted, it’s hard to proscribe oneself against these vices but by going to therapy, and by following through an extensive 12-step addict recovery program and, lastly, by admitting you have a problem. Recovery is, indeed, possible.

I was fortunate enough to have an exclusive  interview with Jane Velez-Mitchell, award-winning journalist, and acclaimed host of Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell over her new book and over why my readers should get this book.

1.) Why does the book Addict-Nation:An Intervention for America affect readers of www.sherryndaniel.com?

This book affects readers because they are on the throes of culture and have almost agreed to have this highly addictive behavior. Materialism, crime, obesity affects everyone. The Average American is bombarded with messages that dictate that we’re incomplete and that WE NEED THESE PRODUCTS. We are brainwashed that we have freedom to have a strict diet yet everyone is coerced into eating unhealthy foods. We are easily funneled into making bad choices since we are brain washed into make poor choices by “The Pushers”, e.g., media, multinational conglomerates, government.

2.) When did you start seeing this dangerous trend between these addictions and our country?

I’ve been sober for 16 years and have noticed that my friends and neighbors were addictive things like overeating, shopping addictively, taking precription drugs, and etc. I held consumer anonymous  meetings and remember when people talked about overconsumption of goods to compensate for an insecurity in their lives. In short, we’re all suffering in the throes of addiction. Addiction never makes you happy and demoralizes you. Our culture is addictive and pushes you into that behavior. Just because everyone is doing addictive things, doesn’t make it okay. It’s good to follow your own drum and not be addicted.

3.) What is the best way to overcome many of these described addictions from your book?

The best way to overcome these addictions is to first admit you need help. The last chapter of the book ( ch. 12) goes into excruciating detail on ways to over addiction but addicts can also venture into a 12-step recovery program.  Some of the mentioned steps are: finding a moment of clarity, turning to a higher power, do an inventory of your behavior, make ammends, practice principles and spread the word. Recovery is really simple and not complicated. It’s all about avoiding the addiction and if you work these changes, you will see miraculous changes.

After having a delightful interview with Jane Velez-Mitchell, she left me some parting words:

 It’s important that every choice people make is politically conscientious, environmental and moral choice.People don’t realize that their everyday decisions affects others.

Addiction, from afar, may seem like it just affects one person;however,  reality, it affects that one person’s entire social network. With that said,  if you feel that you may or may not have an addiction, comment below.

If you are also interested in purchasing her thought-provoking book? Click here.

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  1. Is it a requirement of HLN for each employee to be a drunk or drug-user to have their own show like they do now, or is it their own choices that make them that way?

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