Happy Hour at Bay Cafe: With Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Maryland and the Maryland Mentoring Partnership

Last week I got an invite to a fun-filled happy hour held at Bay Cafe. The event was a great way to network, eat delicious snacks and drink colorful drinks for cheap. It was also like a mini vacay since Bay Cafe is known for their outdoor bar area adorned with sand, palm trees and blue waters besetting the area.

Aside from escaping the real world for awhile, I also learned more about this great non-profit doing wonders in Central Maryland. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Maryland  and the Maryland Mentorship Partnership offers a wide-range of programs and initiatives that help vulnerable youth:  develop self-confidence and graduate high school, ameliorate classroom behaviors, and improve academic and social performance of high-risk students.

 Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Maryland and the Maryland Mentorship Partnership’s vision  is that all children and youth achieve succeed in life. Though this sounds like a tall order, this hasn’t stopped them from accomplishing the following:

  1. Children who have participated in these programs attended school more, improved their grades and became more confident.
  2.  Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Maryland teamed up with Maryland Mentoring Partnership, and united into being one of the largest mentoring organization in the state.
  3.  These organizations directly supports (state-wide) children and volunteer matches, supports a plethora of different site-based mentoring programs and even  offers  several training sessions for youth practitioners, mentors, mentees, and program coordinators.

Interested in volunteering?  As a volunteer and donor supported agency, there are several ways to get involved. Volunteers who choose to mentor must commit to one-full year, pass a background investigation and have reference checks.  They can also  choose to help with fundraising on event committees, like Bowl For Kid’s Sake.

Want to know how to get in contact? It’s easy, shoot an e-mail to Philanthropy Manager Faith Wassink and she can give you more information. Her e-mail is fwassink@biglittle.org, and you can also come visit everyone at : Clipper Mill Road, Suite 250Baltimore, MD 21211.

Though offices are located in the Lower Eastern Shore and in Southern Maryland, they serve the entire state. Anyone from Harford County, Cecil, Montgomery, Baltimore Prince Georges and even Queen Anne’s County are welcome to volunteer their time to this wonderful organization.

  Also,Faith is super nice, passionate and very hard working. She’s just one of many amazing workers found in this great non-profit.  Hope you all can help out and be a mentor, which Faith puts it as : A wise and trusted friend and guide.

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