Wow, Parminder Nagra is following me on Twitter

Okay, I am beyond shocked. Today is the best day ever, Parminder Nagra, who used to play Neela Rasgotra from “ER” and Jess Bhamra from “Bend it like Beckham” is following me on Twitter.  Wow. That is all I have to say about that.

She’s been one of my most favorite actresses since I was in high school ( eons ago). It’s rare to see an Indian female star in a film ( IN ENGLISH) about a realistic situation that affects alot of ABCD’s such as myself.  The situation, ofcourse, is chasing after your dreams inspite of what your family thinks.  I read a few articles online that the movie “Bend it like Beckham”, ironically, is somewhat like Nagra’s real life.

That movie was very important to me since it inspired me to go after my own dreams inspite what family members thought.  I also can’t believe she had a hot romance on screen with Shane West on the show  “ER”.  I’ve had a huge crush on Shane West since he starred in “A Walk to Remember”. In a ridiculous way, her having an on-screen romance with Shane West is like me having one too. I know, that sounds crazy because she and I look nothing alike. However, it’s rare to have a cute Indian girl star in a show.

Parminder Nagra was a major pioneer for Indians to star in films and shows in Hollywood. If it wasn’t for her, Kal Penn or Mindy Kaling, would Aziz Ansari be such a big star? Would the show “Royal Pains” have an Indian female lead? Most importantly—this pertains to men–would Padma Lakshmi or Freida Pinto be household names?

I highly doubt that. Nagra trailed the way for desis to make it big in  Hollywood. I think all desi’s who want to star in movies or films in Hollywood ought to revere  Parminder Nagra.

Anyways, I tweeted to Nagra that if she followed me back on Twitter that it would seriously make my year complete. And it really has. This has been the best year i’ve ever had, and it’s so true with all facets of my life. Her following me on twitter is the cream on the cake. Literally.

Lastly, her tweets are really funny. I usually laugh when I catch up with her messages online. Please follow her @ParminderNagra on Twitter. Aside from her being a trailblazer, she’s quite entertaining.

One thought on “Wow, Parminder Nagra is following me on Twitter

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