Aruna Miller:Can Transport District 15 Into Progress

Aruna Miller is running to be delegate of District 15, in Montgomery County Maryland. Besides the obvious, some may not know that  before she even considered running for office, she’s been employed as a  transportation engineer, in our country for the past 20 years.

Miller’s experience  allowed her to oversee programs that have facilitated safer access to employment centers, schools, and community facilities for all users–especially for those with disabilities.

As a Democrat, she’s kept that same momentum going when it came to her past initiatives with fund raising efforts for presidential candidates.

Miller has successfully ran to represent Montgomery County Democrats as an At-Large member of the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee, in December 2006.

In her past position, she has brought a confluence of young voters, fortified communities with education on health care and the environment; and as a member of SOC ( Serving Our Communities) she has fostered political and leadership growth.

Her experiences truly color  over what she plans to bring to district 15.  Though Miller’s past initiatives have born greater progress in the county, it’s her heartfelt belief that the spread of  education is paramount in reducing reliance on social services and with attracting businesses into the area:that alone, won me over.

Education is vital into revitalizing a strife economy. Based on her past progress alone, it’s apparent that she will “transport” constituents of  district 15 into investing in their future, via portend ways to provide ample funding for Maryland education, past K-12. Miller knows that by strengthening early education, it will endow higher education for ALL.

A vote for Aruna Miller will transport district 15 into better accessible education, safer roads, and confident voters. A vote for Miller  will transport progress.

2 thoughts on “Aruna Miller:Can Transport District 15 Into Progress

  1. I think this season, the smartest decision anyone in district 15 can make is to vote for Aruna Miller. She has the smarts, credentials and confidence to lead the area forward.

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