H mart:Don’t Be Scared If You Can’t Pronounce It

Off Georgia avenue, my favorite Asian wholefood store, H Mart, carries  most of my favorite treats. I also know that if I solely depended on  my local Giant food store for aloe drink, there would be slim pickings.

H Mart is a Korean centric food store, and a majority of their selections are  labeled in, albeit, Korean.  I do wish I can read Korean but sadly, I cannot.

Though I lack proficiency in Korean, I don’t let  illiteracy get in the way of my taste buds reaching ultimate nirvana.  I know I am adventurous, food wise; yet I do know A LOT of  people, personally, who are fearful of foods that are hard to pronounce. I don’t really think that’s an excuse for not trying something new though.

The U.S is a delicious melting pot filled with chicken curry, papusas, crepes and kimchi.  This country is fully integrated with Indian, Hispanic, French, Greek and Asian markets, and you know you can always ask your local  H mart grocer where to find X and  ask what y tastes like.

My mantra when it comes to trying new delicacies is: Eat it at least once.  I don’t think alot of people feel that way though, so, after careful perusing, I compiled a list of 10 treats that are easy to eat.  Here’s my deviation for you :

1.) Jin Ramen: It’s high-end ramen in a red package.  It comes with tastier dried veggies compared to Lipton or Nissan; and if you crack an egg, and boil it in kimchi, you will not be left wanting.

2.) Banana Flavored Snack:  Remember that it’s the potato chip sized bag with a little boy kicking a ball. If you like Cheetohs, you will love this. It’s a thinly banana coated treat that welcomes you with a crunch and enraptures you with a full candied taste.

3.) Pocky:  It comes in a small red box, and it’s available in so many different flavors. Try the chocolate flavored Pocky first. Little children from so many Asian countries enjoy this cookie stick chocolate dipped treat.

4.) Collon: For you American readers, it’s not what you think. It’s these bite- sized morsals stuffed with cream.

5.) Kimchi: You’ve probably heard of it but have you ever tried it? It’s this pickled radish/ cabbage that gives your a mouth a slight kick. If you look around, you will notice that at H Mart, this staple tends to have its own section since there’s not just one variety of it. If you are not a big fan of spicy food, then make sure you get only a small jar of it then.

6.)BioFeel: When you walk into the drink section, you will notice these tiny bottles with a pastel colored liquid inside. Bio Feel is a yogurt based soft drink that is quite popular in Korea and it has a soft, but tart taste that’s at least worth trying once.

7.) Aloe Drink: Do not feel intimidated if you see these clear, green bottles in Korean. It’s simply aloe, sugar and water. It’s very good for you and it actually tastes better than the aloe plant, itself.

8.) Mandu: You may need to venture into the ready-made section of your H-mart, and ask the food clerk for it. It’s not always labeled  Mandu but it’s always there. It’s these Korean dumplings filled with soy sauce, meat and speckled with veggies.

9.) JapJae/Korean Vermicelli Noodles: This is another ready-made morsal, that will not be labeled so transparently. It’s pretty much stiry fry saturated with these transparent noodles.

10.) Kim Bap: If you like the aesthetics of sushi but fear the raw fish portion, try this dish. It looks like a thought provoking piece of sushi but instead of raw salmon, tuna or albacore, you get a cornucopia of roots instead.

Let me know if these choices were palatable to you. If they weren’t, please let me know what I should add or detract from this list.

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