Nikki Haley: New Wave Of Indian American Politicians

Nikki Haley ( born Nimrata Randhawa) won the gubernatorial election for South Carolina in late June.  Besides  Gov. Bobby Jindal ( Louisiana’s Governor), she is not the only Indian American in office, let alone, running in this year’s election season.

Indian Americans are on the rise, politically speaking. They could be a staunch supporter for the GOP or even be a Dem, but the fact of the matter is, they are here to stay.

President Barack Obama’s win, well over a year ago, symbolized that ANYONE can hold office in the future and this should be something that all minorities ( Black, Latin, Indian, Asian, Mixed) should take to heart if they ever aspire to run for office.

Albeit, I really disliked how a supporter of her opponent insulted her by calling her a raghead but all great things come with struggles.

Anyways, here is a brief listing of Indian Americans  who have won or are running for office:

1.) Raj Goyle– A Wichita, Kansas native, is running for the United States Congress in the fourth district. Already a two-term state representative, Goyle hopes to continue his initiatives of protecting tax payers, funding job training and with strengthening local businesses.

2.) Manan Trivedi– Hailing from  eastern Pennsylvania,  he already won a seat in congress for district 6.  Trivedi would bring a unique perspective in congress because of his background being a doctor and an Iraq War veteran. He plans on focusing on healthcare  ( women’s health included), focus on education by developing strategies to retain teachers, and invest in small businesses by helping families pay for college.

3.) Kamala Harris– Has won the nomination to be California’s state attorney but we’ll see what unfolds in fall.  She’s an avid supporter of political integrity, safeguarding against tech crimes,  protecting Californians against  financial fraud and ending human trafficking.

4.) Dr. Ami Bera– Bera is running for congress in California and besides being a doctor, was also a former associate dean at the US Davis school. He’s a renaissance man, through and through. He wants to “Move American Forward” by increasing access to basic health care coverage, help children compete in a global economy, and materialize the crucial intersection of environmental reform, job creation and national security.

5.) Ravi Sangisetty– Sangisetty is running for congress for the third district in Louisiana. Ever since Hurricane Katrina, reform has been pushed to fix fiscal, environmental, and societal issues stemming from that U.S tragedy. What Sangisetty wants to push is hurricane protection and coastal restoration, ensure the federal government makes good on their promises, and keeping a sturdy check on government spending.

6.) Reshma Saujani– Saujani is running for the fourteenth district in New York City, and has endured a trying childhood, but surpassed it get as far as she did.  If she wins a seat, she vows to revitalize the economy but helping to create new jobs, re-shape national security and by reforming immigration in America.

7.) Surya Yalamanchili– Recently, Yalamanchili won for district 2 in Ohio. It’s interesting to note  that he  has been an entrepreneur since middle school and has shoveled driveways, initiated an internet business and even made appearances in 2007’s “The Apprentice”. Yalamanchili wants to hold the private sector, electoral and legislative processes accountable for any misdeeds; he wants to strengthen economic strategies, secure an educational foundation and welcome profitable immigration into the U.S. Lastly, he vows to heighten financial, energy and physical security.Good thing to note, that he has won his  recent primary.

In a nutshell, these Indian American politico’s have fought tooth and nail  to get this far. Though there have been countless notions, made by many newspapers,that several Indian American politicians dispersed their old  world religions for Christianity as a way to propel political gain, just remember that these politicos  are here to help their constituents out during these trying times and they are not here to choke down their family’s culture into every listening ear.

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