Eric Luedtke: Spearheads Education

Education is fundamental in my area. We do have the best schools, greatest teachers and a pristine curriculum.

And I can speak from personal experience that before I started public school in Montgomery County, I suffered from having poor private  school elementary education. It was a terrible experience for me because I came out learning nothing more than tying my shoes the right way.

However, when I  first started school in Montgomery County and ended that experience by graduating high school, I knew then and there that I was extremely fortunate to have experienced the MCPS education system. As I cascaded upwards, grade-wise, I was plunged into Steinbeck, Shakespeare, Wharton, Morrison without a misstep.

Field trips were plentiful for grades pre-k and up, to skedaddle from downtown Annapolis through the  Chesapeake Peak Bay areas; and if it wasn’t for the environmentally themed Chesapeake Bay trip, I never would’ve seen an actual oriole ( Maryland’s state bird)   perching on a wispy branch.

I was so grateful. As I progressed into my twenty’s, I learned how some of my own peers from out of state never had fully equipped field trips or even knew who Steinbeck was. If there was a slip up in the future over the stability of the MCPS education system, my heart will surely skip a beat.

All children, in the Burtonsville  area, have a right to maintain and fortify their childhood experiences with the latest books, Updated computers and especially with highly financed field trips across county lines.

Based on outside research, Eric Luedtke, a Progressive Democrat, is passionate about education being a forefront for district 14.  Besides education, he wants to push for affordable healthcare, fixing our transportation troubles and with building a family-friendly economy.

Any delegate who pushes education first: Understands how it can shape a child’s future. Education can lure children  into grad school and steer them into a promising future.

Wouldn’t you want your child to come out of the MCPS education system with iron-clad confidence? Wouldn’t you want them to have colorful field trips, dissect frogs and to be able to win a full ride scholarship to whatever college their little hearts desire?

The choice is up to you. Come election day, pick the delegate who spearheads education.

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