O’Malley & Brown stop by PG Community College

April 26, 2010, Governor Martin O’Malley and Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown stopped by Prince George’s Community College to rile up student’s spirits about the upcoming elections this Fall.

  I volunteered that day by corralling students, brightening  spirits with free stickers and by sticking posters across the campus.

It was worth the effort just to hear how the O’Malley Administration reduced crime rates, improved education and helped flourish the bay with blue craps galore. 

It was a moderate crowd, but it seemed to have expanded when the PG  County dancers motivated everyone to jiggle and  jive to the Eurythmythics  ” Sweet Dreams”.

I ‘greened’ myself up with a shirt and a few stickers speckled on both sides to show my Irish side, though I don’t think I have Irish in me?

As I watched the Governor press the crowd on about the importance of this upcoming election, I really thought about how there are people my age who don’t really seem to care. They rather ditch the event and sip some Starbucks on their down time instead of getting politically involved.

I guess if it was the seventies,  we may have seen a massive crowd with lighters and peace signs flailing  in the air. But  it’s 2010, maybe down the road, we’ll see I-phones in the air?

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