Senator Barbara Mikulski’s Campaign Kick-Off: Saying Goodbye

Our last detour was the Chesapeak and Ohio Canal along  the Hagerstown area.  The Senator wanted to understand the area more and take a nature walk. When it ended and we all said our goodbyes, ( The Senator said, jokingly,  she will show me up with her social media skills and I am actually a little nervous about that since she is  a voracious learner), the video-grapher and  I drove off onto the right direction for once thanks to the local county councilman.

The sun was meandering away, the sky was bleeding darker and the roads were endless sheets of gray resting on piles of  green earth.  Me and my car were saying goodbye to Western Maryland too as we drifted to Penn Station in Baltimore.

I was fortunate enough to have my GPS device stay awake most of the ride back, so I could let the video-grapher rest up before her train ride back home. I will always remember our talks about Hillary shattering the glass ceiling for women, the simple technicalities over filming and the importance of taking a cross-country road trip across the U.S before I get too old.

After  we bid adieu,  I glanced back at my surroundings and all I saw was concrete tangles of infrastructure floating above long buildings. It’s like the mountains, green grass and the endless sky never existed. We can all learn a lot from Western Maryland, if we just open our eyes wider like our Senator.

The End

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