Senator Barbara Mikulski’s Campaign Kick-Off: The Senator Can Tweet!

Before the video-grapher filmed the senator’s interactions with customers,  I had my own interaction with the Senator myself.  I, was nervous, about meeting her, since this is the same lady who brought me close to tears about the hardships  of health care for women.

Prior to the big meet-and-greet, I saw her playing with her BlackBerry quite a bit and typing away at lightning speed. I pulled up my Twitter account, to see if the Senator was tweeting and sure enough, she was.

I also overheard her give off her own social media knowledge to townies too, I was clearly impressed with her off- the-bat.

The Senator has a Facebook  Page, Twitter, and a Youtube page. The impression I get from her is she’s teaching herself a healthy dosage of social media versus, solely, having her own staff to do it for her. I think EVERYONE in my age range needs to give her props for that. Getting your fingers dirty in this new genre of technology is quite scarey for new comers. I don’t know any other Senator out there, who is that open into learning  my generations tool of choice ie the tweet, the status, the text and also  the  tube ( Youtube).

I am crossing fingers that the Senator gets an I-Pad because that would be the coolest thing.

Since I barely touched my high-end lunch from the last event, I was scarfing up my cheese fries.  The Senator walks up to me and chides over how much she loves cheese fries too. She has a very down-to-earth presence, and was extremely easy to talk to.  We talked about social media, and she told me how the Governor is advancing with it as well by creating a youtube clip for her:

At this rate, I can see her not only creating a youtube clip on her own but adding special effects, different camera shots and cinematography to it too, if she ever had the time since she’s very busy.

The Senator asked me what I thought about her Twitter skills, and I told her my honest opinion, who knew I created a ripple affect based on that one critique.

I told her it was good, and I loved how she does it so frequently but that she can still learn a little bit more to perfect her skill. She took it like a champ, while everyone else around me stared at me with disbelief.  She’s very confident, she didn’t let that phase her, in fact throughout the day, she was teaching herself more Twitter skills.

The Senator truly doesn’t believe in barriers, because she was fighting, she was learning at lightning speed.  We all can learn from her in many ways.

To Be Continued

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