Why I love “I Dream of Jeannie”

Growing up, one of my favorite shows as a kid was ” I Dream of Jeannie” and what I loved most about that show was her ridiculous behavior.  She wasn’t a typical genie in which every wish you made  would come true.  She intentionally made her own wishes come true by her own efforts.

She, essentially, was her own genie versus Major Nelson’s if you think about this concept carefully.

If Major Nelson was going on a date, she often didn’t heed his wishes in leaving him and his date alone. She tend to blink  her Major away from the date and into some sort of predicament. 

She worked diligently and extremely hard to get what she wanted by  fifth season, which was a wedding. Jeannie was  also not your typical lead in a sitcom during the 1960’s  since  she was  neither brainy, calm or even rational.

She was, as I said before, ridiculous. What is admirable about her is her persistance.

I think everyone should take Jeannie’s cue and simply be persistent in anything you believe in. It doesn’t matter if you are brainy or not, just be persistent and you will get what you want down the road if you really believe in yourself.  Like her.

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