Cadbury Eggs: I can’t believe they shrunk?

You know how some people wait all year until it’s Christmas to receive that new Kindle or video game? Well, I wait all year for Cadbury Creme egg season ( Feb- April) just to get my hands on these diabetes inducing morsels.

Logically, I should say I wait all year for Easter but that would be a complete lie since Easter is a dry holiday to me as a twenty-something year old. If I were 5-years-old and was promised a visit from the Easter Bunny and the Easter Bunny brought me  a basket full of Cadbury Creme eggs, than everything would be fine. But it’s not.

Anyways, I noticed over the years that the egg sizes have reduced in size. In spite of the fact I was 6-years-old when I first ate one,  I know the recession is hitting the Cadbury factory somewhere in the U.K because those eggs are almost pill size. They used to be the size of my entire hand, when I was 6-years-old, I mean.

B.J Novak, from the American version of ” The Office”, said in a previous interview with Conan O’ Brien ( before Leno yanked him away) demonstrated this belief with an actual Cadbury egg from the eighties.  He saved it in his freezer and bought a new one to compare and contrast twenty years later. I wish I did that too.

Those hustlers ( Cadbury chocolate makers), increasing the price of the eggs but decreasing the actual size under our noses–or hands.

Oh well, as long as the sugar fondant yolk in the chocolate egg  is still yellow, and is still encircled by a sugary glob of white,  it’s tolerable.

2 thoughts on “Cadbury Eggs: I can’t believe they shrunk?

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