Basement Jaxx: Just like Raindrops…

This is an excerpt from latest album review from CinCity2000.

British dance-pop duo Basement Jaxx’s—Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe—fifth album, Scars, came out in September with the heavily promoted single “Raindrops” stealing air waves at top clubs and dance halls.

It’s also the only song on the new album that doesn’t share production or performance credits, as the rest of Scars is chock-full of guest stars.

Basement Jaxx are known for usually having half of their albums stuffed with guest collaborators, but Scars seems suffocated. The album presents a wide range of genres, but it lacks the precision of a band not dabbling beyond their own range.
Basement Jaxx became huge in 2001 with Rooty and the singles “Romeo” and “Where’s Your Head At?” Their albums in between haven’t sparked as much attention by word of mouth or on the dance floor, but….

The rest can be read here.

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