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African Art On The Move Exhibit: Embassy of Ivory Coast

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Sherryn by Big Mask

During my three month break, I was doing marketing and appraisal work for the Embassy of Ivory Coast in partnership with Faso Foods and with the the Madam Fatou Sylla Foundation. It was a joy to be able to metro into Embassy Row off of Massachusetts Avenue and to be able to  work with artifacts from the past 50 years.

During my stint there, I learned that the Ivory Coast is comprised of sixty different ethnic groups with their own distinct language. The one language that unifies the entire country is French and that’s the main language I was immersed in at the embassy. There were also times where I wasn’t able to find a spare chair so I did most of my work sitting on distinct royally crafted chairs. I wouldn’t be lying when I said I felt like royalty at times.

African art

African Art on The Move Exhibit has Baole, Guoro, Grebe and Goli masks that were actually used in religious and sacred ceremonies. My favorite mask was the Wambele mask since it represents a mysterious animal figure that symbolizes good versus evil, future against the past, and the union of opposites.

Kenya statues

I also really liked the Maasai statues (seen in picture above) from Kenya since they both towered and awed me. Thanks to this experience, I am now able to identify which ethnic group from West Africa created which piece of art and why this artifact has a particular significance with the culture. In mid September, the African Art On The Move Exhibit had a gallery opening party that welcomed guests with fine wines, cheeses, and with life size statues as you see above.

Sherryn in African Clothing The Embassy is having another gallery opening October 11 & 12 and it’s open to the public. Come by 6:30 p.m and get ready to immerse yourself into a treasure trove of Ivory Coast art. For questions about this exhibit and about purchasing these artifacts into your private collection or your local art museum, please contact Mimi Wolford at mbariinst@aol.com.

Embassy of Ivory Coast

2424 Massachusetts Avenue

Washington, DC 20008

Three Months of Forgetting Can’t Stop Five Years of Blogging

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The golden rule of blogging is not to stop. But then again, I’ve broken countless of these rules over the years so maybe this precept shouldn’t apply to me? For example, a proper blogger is suppose to post a well edited entry once a week, have colorful media placed (like videos or photos), and focus on one topic of interest.

An unconventional blogger (moi) prefers to post sporadically, occasionally post images, and prefers to focus on several areas of interest. Life’s too short to have a one track mind after all.

Ironically enough, today marks my blog’s fifth year anniversary. Sherryn Daniel’s Blog has been around since October 6, 2009 and, coincidentally, October 6th of this year also marks the 15th anniversary of Roswell’s premier on The WB.

I think it was fate that I came back from  hiatus to pen this entry because I have some great news to share: I am back!

Anniversary Picture

Three months of forgetting can’t stop five years of blogging. It just can’t. 

Once a blogger, always a blogger. Right? From July to now, I have been pretty busy with travels, gigs, and events. Don’t believe me? Here’s an account of my busy-ness.

  • Chopped Off My Long Locks: This was quite painful to do since I have been growing out my long locks since 2010. I will premier the new do in a future entry.
  • ATX Festival in Austin Texas: As I said before, there was no way I would miss the Roswell panel. I also had a silly encounter with Snooki too–she was definitely not pleased with me.
  • Panama: I vacationed like a rock star in a beautiful country in Latin America.
  • Wisconsin: Ate some cheese, saw some cows, and walked around a half-empty city.
  • Minnesota: The Mall of America has a wide range of characters. I did my best people watching there. Too bad I forgot to take pictures.
  • Fashion Week: Stevie Boi had an AWESOME show in New York this year! I also totally love the glasses I bought from him too.
  • New York: MoMa made me appreciate art more than before.

So I plan on keeping you all up to date on the past three months of my life and, I assure you, some funny stuff happened in between then and there. My anniversary gift to you will be articles on: Fashion Week, Travels, New York, ATX Festival & AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH AMY JO JOHNSON (Original Pink Power Ranger). October 6 is also Amy Jo Johnson’s birthday!

Everyone should tweet her HAPPY BIRTHDAY! https://twitter.com/_amyjojohnson

Tune in October 20th for my awesome gab-fest with one of our greatest childhood icons! You’re Welcome!


Summer Fancy Food Show 2014: Delicious Treats & Experiences

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Warren Brown, creator of "Cake Love" and star of Food Network's "Sugar Love"..

Warren Brown, creator of “Cake Love” and star of Food Network’s “Sugar Love”..

As you can see from the picture above, I have been quite busy this past month. I recently attended the 2014 Summer Fancy Food Show held in New York City at the Jacob Javits Center. On my weekend trip I ate an amazing  meal at Samovar, which is a Russian Restaurant and Piano Bar, had a glorious stay at the Sheraton in Brooklyn, and mastered the infamous subway with loads of help from kind strangers.  All I can say is New Yorkers are nice!

I have no idea what he was promoting but I am sure he earned some major change that day.

I have no idea what he was promoting but I am sure he earned some major change that day.

During my two days at the show, I ventured into new foods, beverages, and experiences. The products there were beyond delightful: I will save a separate entry for that, alone. For now, I will just share what enticed, exhilarated and impressed me at the show.

Fancy Food Show Collage part 1

1.) Baby Green Peaches From Japan: 

The Fancy Food Show is divided by countries, states, and specialties. I wanted to feel like I was traveling all over the world so I traveled, more like walked in very uncomfortable TOMS shoes, to Japan.  Sushi, wasabi, noodles, and sauces were peppered in and out of this area. I wanted to try something new so I made a quick Pitt- stop to the Baby Green Peaches stand.  The little fruit was green, fleshy, with a thin veil of shine. It didn’t look very appetizing but looks can be deceiving. All I have to say is yum. I wish it was sold at my nearest Whole Foods or something. It’s perfect in cocktails, ice cream, and fruit salads.

2.) Caviar From Somewhere, United States of America?

Sorry to burst your astronomically large foodie bubble but I don’t remember where I tried this appetizer. So I fail food snob of the year, oh well. The caviar was great and it didn’t have a strong, fishy, aftertaste. It was salty enough and blended well with the bread.

3.) Petit Gateau From Brazil

There was plenty of World Cup pride to go around this aisle.  I was surprised that chocolate lava cakes were a specialty in this part of the world but the taste does not deceive. The cake was moist, chocolate lava sauce was rich, and everything blended well within my taste buds. This is another product I would buy if I was at a grocery store since it’s gourmet in a tiny box.

4.) Tassoni Cedrata From Southern Italy

This drink originated in 1956 from the Southern region of Calabria in Italy. The soda was sweet without overdoing it, and had a nice zest at the end. This drink is also made from a fruit indigenous to Italy called a citron. Again, it’s not really sold in the United States so I am crying myself to sleep over this (i’m not even being sarcastic, it’s really that good).

fancy food show collage part 2

5.) Fruit Juices from the Amazon in Brazil

I’ve always wanted to travel through the Amazon. The closest to doing that endeavor was by tasting fruit juices straight from the area. I’ve already had acai juice before (blech), so I wanted to try something new. So I sampled the following: acerola, camu-camu, muruci, capuacu, and tapereba. I didn’t have strong enough palate or stomach for this adventure. Honestly, that’s what demolished my stomach that day. Do I regret going to this stand and trying these new drinks—no. New experiences are always worth it.

6.) Petite Four Pastries in France

France made a great impression with me, food wise, I mean. I ate a few petite fours and was overjoyed by its simple sweetness. In contrast with American desserts, these pastries had the right amount of sugar and taste to hold over my sugar indulgences. Since the cupcake trend is over (THANK GOODNESS!!) maybe we can all learn to refine our taste buds and indulge in something more classier—like French petite fours.

7.) Hibiscus Flowers & Juices in Malaysia

If you know me at all then you know that I have a deep fascination with anything hibiscus. By chance, I found this delicious hibiscus stand and sampled the actual flower, juices, jams and then some. That was my personal highlight from the show since it’s my favorite flower to snack on.

8.) Jello Shots in India 

So one would automatically think I would love the India aisle. Meh. It was the worst aisle I walked through. Most of the exhibitors were rude and the food was far less than palatable. I highly doubt I would ever walk through there again. Only one stand kept my attention and it was the one where they had a rainbow of jello shots to snack on. It was really tasty, actually. I was surprised by that. If you ever go to an Indian grocery store, I highly recommend getting Indian jello. It was so good. The only redeeming stand from the India aisle (sad, I know).

Fancy Food Show Collage part 3

9.) Korean Burritos from South Korea

Kinda obvious I overstayed my welcome in South Korea. I just couldn’t help it, I LOVE Korean food. Everyone was so nice, the food was well prepared and I had a memorable time in  that aisle. Who wouldn’t want to stay there? The burrito was pretty good and it reminded me of fond memories from Annandale, VA. If you’re on the go and craving Korean food, this is your best option.

10.) Flavored Seaweed from South Korea

I hope I am not the only one who spends mad cash on dried seaweed at Trader Joes and Korean Korner. This stand ascertained for me that there were others who love it too. Dried seaweed is great on rice and it adds great texture and taste to soup. Definitely check these products out when you get the chance.

11.) Lychee Sake from South Korea 

My feet were getting blisters (never buying TOMS shoes again), my back was hurting, and my arms were losing momentum to push through swarms of people. I needed a break. I needed nourishment. I needed lychee sake to quench my thirst. Aside from lychee sake, I also drank smooth rice wine, and velvety plum wine. If it wasn’t for this stand, I would not be here today. It’s a lifesaver.

12.) Cactus Juice & Ponche from Mexico 

My trip to Mexico was amazing. The exhibitors were super friendly, food was memorable, and the ponche impressed me. Lupita has delicious Mexican snacks and drinks that nourish you. I sampled the cactus juice and it had a sweet yet pungent bite. My favorite was the ponche, it stands out with this aisle. Basically, it’s this warm fruit punch with 20 different pieces of fruit inside of it. The fruit tastes wonderfully delightful and melds well with the punches smooth taste.

Fancy Food show part 5

13.) Cheese from Wisconsin

Wisconsin is the cheese capital of the United States of America. Who wouldn’t visit this stand? That would be the most unpatriotic thing to do at the Fancy Food Show. Since Wisconsin has a strong German influence, the cheeses had a European flare to them.

14.) Honey from New Jersey

I LOVE honey. It does wonders to baked goods, tea, and life. I sampled the best wildflower honey that ever existed at this show. Well, I actually sampled all of the honey at this particular stand because it was robust, sweet, and perfectly light at the same time. If you buy store or generic honey brands, they don’t always have that kind of appeal. I was surprised that New Jersey rocked the honey industry. Reality shows like “Jersey Shore” really do give a poor impression of this state. Hopefully, this state will be known for producing delicious honey–someday.

15.) Wine Jelly from Vermont

Dear Wine-Os of the world, there are jellies you can use to slather your toast in. I sampled the champagne, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon jellies and loved it. It was sweet, tart, and tasted just right. The texture was doable and it had an extra grip on my cracker. I wish they were for sale that day because I wanted to buy a few jars for some friends. Way to go Vermont!

16.) Quince Juice from Georgia (The Country)

Quince is a fruit indigenous to parts of Asia, and Latin America. Normally the fruit has a sour taste and it desiccates your tongue. I was hesitant in trying it but was glad I did. The juice did not dry out my tongue but lavished it with a happy after thought.

Having fun

 The products I sampled at the show were noteworthy. I had a wonderful time at the show and hope to wear better shoes at the next one in 2015. Stay tuned for part two of my Summer Fancy Food Show Review. I have products to review that will dazzle or even bore you. Not everyone is a food snob so you may just roll your eyes at my next entry.


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